Saturday, April 28, 2007

Meta-list of the GOAT25 rap album lists

I just realized a great thing about this project from the Straight Bangin guy who sparked this list-mania on the rap nerd (nerd meant in a good way) internets. Traditionally, we look to the media for a list, such as the "Source 5 Mic" list. But this rap nerd approach is much better, since:

1 The "wisdom of crowd" effect: the collective opinion of many rap nerds should be superior to a random "expert" group or individual from a magazine. I think in judging music this is definitely the case, since I think it's hard to be 100% objective when judging music, especially rap music. The age, region, lifestyle, media one consumes, etc may affect one's opinion. Hence getting a crowd opinion should be more objective.

2 Conflict of interest: the media is selling what they're rating. In contrast, rap fans have no material gain to be had in big-upping their favorite albums. In fact, at least for me, it felt altruistic to do my list, as I want others to stop sleeping on what I deem to be classics.

My meta-list of the internets' GOAT25 lists, culled from RYM & a few blog posts' comments sections. I might use this for reference for discovering highly-rated albums that I've slept on:
Analog Giant
Angry Citizen
Brad King
Brooklyn Bodega
Chris PC
Dallas Penn
Davide Wilson
Biochemical Slang
Byron Crawford
Eff Bombs
El Gringo Colombiano
Flood Watch Music
Gorilla Vs Bear
I Fux
Jamie Radford
Just Sayin 2000
Mic G
My Bleeding Fingertips
Out Of Kilter
Poisonous Paragraphs
Searching For My Swagger
Sensitive Cyborg
Slushy Gutter
Start Snitchin
Straight Bangin
Stupid Boy
Until The Train Stops (& #26-50)
Wake Your Daughter Up
The Passion of The Weiss (& a 2nd post for #26-50 as well as a sample mp3 for each album)


I Fux said...

Lovely Dude.......I was hoping somebody Straight bangin' or whatever would put a link to most Hip-Hop Bloggers List's but You were kind enough to do so......Now look you said we can look at many list's and see which ones I slept on. 1

mista dobalina said...

here's a few more:
Berkely Place
8 Million Stories
Fresh Cherries from Yakima
From the Bricks
20/20 Proof
Audio Deficit Disorder

elgringocolombiano said...

^thx Dobalina