Sunday, November 18, 2007

book "Cowboy Republic" shows how Gee Dubbz breaks laws

I got C-Span on in the background while doing some computer stuff. They have a speech on now with lawyer/author Marjorie Cohn giving an overview of her book Cowboy Republic, showing 6 different ways on how Gee Dubbz is breaking laws.

Out of the blue, she mentioned how 1 "detainee" was "rendered" to a middle eastern country & tortured & sodomized.

Sodomized? [||]! I knew Dubbz was torturing folks like water-boarding, but didn't know this.

Damn do Evangelical wingnuts know about this? You can prolly take away most Evangelical wingnuts rights in the name of "terrorism", but they may draw the line with gay torture acts, they might actually stand up for rights & the rule of law. Especially now that seemingly every month another Evangelical leader/preacher gets busted for gay sex like Rev. Ted Haggard, they might be eager to stand up with civil rights groups they normally hate, in fighting Gee Dubbz' gay torture.

Damn, the experts say torture doesn't work. Put that aside. I can't think of something to alienate anyone of any religion more that subjecting 1 to gay rape/torture. To me, that seems a sure way of creating more terrorists.

What. The. Fock. This is disgusting morally, ethically, & literally.