Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

article: low exec pay in China

article: low exec pay in China

Some Chinese CEOs of tech companies are making 60-200, much lower than US execs of similar companies.

So maybe we'll see some karmic offshoring of these traitorous American CEOs that have shafted their fellow Americans with offshoring.

We can only hope, that would be AWESOME!

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts, is actually a conservative who was an economist in the Reagan administration.

Roberts is one of the only critics of offshoring, writing several opinion articles supported by actual factual reality. Roberts also has opinions on other topics such as the horrible neocon foreign policy.

Here's his article archive.

opinion article: Americans Unready to Revolt

opinion article: Americans Unready to Revolt

Gangland News

Gangland News has the history & weekly update of the American organized crime, written by an experience journalist tracking the mafia.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Google Maps Streetview

Google has been IMHO the leader in free Internet consumer services. They create innovative ish, which then causes Yahoo & the others to catch up. Off top, there's these 2 big examples

1 free email accounts, Google offered 1 GB quota when Yahoo had something trivial like 50 MB
2 maps & directions, Google had satellite view when mapquest was very basic

Google has a new innovation Streetview. For some big cities on a few big streets, you can actually scroll as if you were walking or driving on it. I suppose one can now preview how to walk from a subway station to their location, for instance. Quite greater!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Free Genarlow Wilson

This GA kid Genarlow Wilson is in jail on a 10-yr sentence. Props to TYT for breaking this story.

His crime? When he was 17, a 15-yr old girl consensually blew him. The douche-bag authorities prosecuted this as "child molestation".

By this standard, 90% of American dudes back in high school have done, or wish they had the chance to do, this "form of child molestation".

Wilson is black, there are no details on the 15-yr old girl. It does seem likely that this prosecution is racial.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poll Vol1 Result: Top Beauty in Women's Tennis = Ana Ivanovic

Poll Vol1 Result: Top Beauty in Women's Tennis = Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic may have finished 2nd in RG, but she also finished 1st by winning my inaugural poll, with a shocking majority of 24 of 46 votes in the 10 women field.

It's a shocking victory over Serena Williams & Maria "Shreiky" Sharapova, who at least in the US are media darlings with 100X the name recognition of the unknown Ivanovic.

I was surprised to see that Tatiana Golovin didn't win any votes.

The results

1 Ana Ivanovic 52% 24
2 Maria Sharapova 22% 10
3 Serena Williams 13% 6
T4 Gisela Dulko 4% 2
T4 Daniela Hantuchova
T4 Sania Mirza

4 players received no love or votes, Tatiana Golovin , Ashley Harkleroad, Vania King or Bethanie Mattek.

Thanks for voting, & pls vote in the next poll.

Monday, June 11, 2007

FYI: free Little Brother concert

FYI I saw this on myspace, free LB concert series in ATL, NC, Austin, Houston

Career InfoNet

fyi, this Career InfoNet is good career info website, from the Fed Govt. Also, there's the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Jon Wertheim tennis mailbag

Jon Wertheim is SI's tennis writer. He drops good articles every week or so on his "mailbag"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

RG Final aka Federer v Nadal Vol 12

Nadal beat Federer today in the RG Final in 4 sets. No I'm not talking about the 06 Final, I'm talking about the 07 Final today, where the same scenario happened. Deja vu all over again (c) Yogi Berra.

The Brazilian RG 3-time champ Guga Kuerten presented the hardware to Rafa & Fed.

Damn, I was really hoping for Fed to get-er-done, & then maybe pull of the calendar GS in 07.

Congrats to Rafa on the 3rd consecutive RG final at age 21! Rafa & the Mighty Midget Henin are really pwning the clay court singles game in the 2000s.

I see the media today on Jun-10 are saying Fed's opportunity to win RG once may be limited, since most RG winners are under 26, & Fed will be 26 @ RG 2008.

Oh really? Interesting coincidence, I posted the same editorial back on Apr-22.

What is scary is that Rafa could actually improve, where it's hard to see Fed getting much better from his ridic form of 2004-7. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts to fall off some in 2008, but definitely by 2010.

Hopefully Fed can get it done in 2008 but it doesn't look great. I have a bad feeling Fed is gonna rack up some ridic number of GS titles like 19 (compared to Sampras RG-less record 14), but never get RG. Then the FedeHATErer crew will step in & try to deny him GOAT status.

This is a tennis example similar to the "butterfly"/chaos theory concept that subtle small things can effect big historical things.

a critical point influences
break of serve influences
winning a GS final match influences
GOAT history discussion

In the women's final, my homegirl Ana got pwned by the Mighty Midget Henin for her 4th RG title (2003, 2005-7). Henin has a record of unsportsmanlike conduct on-court. I'm not a fan. But I can't front on her skills. This is the era of "big babe tennis" (c) Mary Carillo of women like Serena, Sharapova, Davenport, etc that are 40 lb+ heavier & 5+ inches taller. Still the 5-5 125 lb dwarf Henin hits almost as hard as them, & runs way faster. And Henin has a sick 1-handed backhand.

At least Ana is smashing my poll, despite being a real unknown compared to the media love & name recognition that Serena & Shreiky have. VOTING ENDS MONDAY NIGHT, if you still want to vote.

In the men's doubles, there was a WTF occurrence. Daniel Nestor informed his partner (nh) Mark Knowles that he was going to quit their team after Wimby & roll with fellow ethnic Serbian homie Nenad Zimonjic. Despite the acrimony from this action, Nestor/Knowles win RG. WTF, Nestor. I wonder if Nestor/Knowles also win Wimby, will Nestor reverse his dumb decision?