Friday, August 15, 2008

Fiscal Conservative cartoon

Awesome political cartoon by Steve Greenberg

Welcome Anonomo

Anonomo, welcome to the blog, I look forward to your posts.

About your comment on abbreviatons. Not to sonn you dude, but you just pulled a John McSame senior type moment, even tho you're young.

There is a new invention, available widely 13+ years ago, called "the internets". Specifically, if you put "WOAT" or "IOKIYAR" in urbandictionary or teh google, you will get a definition.

When I use a new slang term, I typically include a link to its urbandictionary definition. But I'm not gonna do that continuously.

Shyt like the New York Times similarly might have an occasional word I don't know. Then, instead of whining, I just look it up on a dictionary website.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not to be a dick, but...

Not to be a dick or anything on my first day of guestblogging, but I gotta make a humble critique of this blog. We oughta have a "terminology key" for some of the newbies to the blog, you know, and spell out what all of the following mean, i.e.:

WOAT = Worse Of All Time


Peace and hair grease, bitches.

What's up, Mane?

What up, dedicated readers of the gringocolombiano blog?

I have been graciously asked to guestblog from time to time. Hope you find my words of value.



Tuesday, August 12, 2008