Saturday, June 23, 2007

Poll Vol 2: Favorite Talib Kweli album

FYI, for reference, I have a Kweli playlist listed at RYM here

Pls vote for this poll if you haven't yet

Voting ends Mon Jun-25

In honor of Talib Kweli's new album Ear Drum, my next poll is

What is your favorite Talib Kweli album?

Feel free to advocate for your voted album in the comments.

Kweli is the truth. The guy consistently has made a quantity of quality (no pun) good music in the last decade. 7 studio albums, plus several mixtape albums & countless guest verses. Kweli has flow, is insightful, & often picks great beats to use on his albums.

For this poll, I included all his 7 studio albums. Although 3 of his albums are in duo groups, 2 of these are 1 MC/1 producer groups which are like solo albums anyways. The other one is the Black Star album, which I couldn't exclude from this poll due to its critical acclaim.

I'm going to give this poll some time, until Jun-25, so that voters can revisit the Kweli discography if needed, in order to make a well-informed choice.

For your reference, I have links to each album's RYM page, where you can find tracklisting & reviews. I also have some videos from each album where available.

1998 Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star
Talib Kweli Are Black Star



2000 Reflection Eternal - Train of Thought
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek (Reflection Eternal) - Reflection Eternal...Train of Thought

The Blast

2002 Quality
Talib Kweli - Quality

Waitin For The DJ

Get By

The Proud

2004 The Beautiful Struggle
Talib Kweli - The Beautiful Struggle

I Try

Never Been In Love

2005 Right About Now
Talib Kweli - Right About Now

2007 Kweli & Madlib - Liberation
Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation

2007 Ear Drum
Talib Kweli - Ear Drum


More or Less

Friday, June 22, 2007

Courtney Black

This girl Courtney Black is an incredible beauty.

The photos are NSFW, so instead of posting a photo, just click the links. Courtney might be NSFW, but she's def deserving of "research".

Pls, media, give props to some white women that have this voluptuous steez body type. You will reduce anorexia of American women. This would also give some variety to us dudes that bored of seeing mainly waif steez white girls in the media 24/7.

A PAWG is a terrible thing to waste!

Plastic Squirtguns

Shout out to new EGC commenter Ian from Plastic Squirtguns.

Peep Plastic Squirtguns for some poems & reflections on life.

Like Max Cady in Cape Fear, Ian "can out philosophize you!"

Gold Cup Final, USA-MEX Sun Jun-24 3p ET

The Gringo-Buey show down is ON at the Gold Cup final, Sun 3p ET @ Soldier Field in Chicago. It should be covered in both English (Fox Soccer Channel or maybe ESPN2?) & en espanol (Univision or its WC channels). Today in the semis, we Gringos beat our other neighbors from Eh-land, & the Bueys had a "clean sheet" against tiny Cinderella Guadeloupe,

The word “buey” is finna be uttered 34 Billion times on Sunday, on both sides of the border (Mex-Americans & Mexicanos en Mexico), regardless of result:

“Oye buey, no puedo creer que perdimos a los pinche gringos! No mames buey!”


“Les hicimos una vedadero matanza, al estilo “ether”, a esos hijo de puto gringos buey!”

Don't get me wrong, I got mad love for nuestro vecinos los Mexicanos. However, I will be 1 of the 0.3% of Americans that even know this ish is occurring & will be rooting for my fellow Gringos, to make the "bueys" "mamarlo". SI MAMES BUEY! NH. LOL. I'm hoping for a 3-0 type beat-down. Bumps "America, Fock Ya" theme song from Team America movie.

I wonder what the fan support is gonna be like in Chicago (Soldier Field). My guess is at least 70% MEX fans. Nice fockin patriotism! LOL!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

request: objective site to compare Pres candidates?

Is there any site that breaks down the Presidential candidates, in an reasonably objective way, on the following points

1 policies (domestic + foreign)

2 experience as the executive for a big organization (governor, CEO, etc). Note everyone would be good at leading a diverse group of 600K+ employees. If a presidential candidate has never even led a group of 100 employees, I don't want that person doing OTJ training on a huge workforce. There are people that might be a genius intellectually, but would be a bad manager of a huge group of people

3 relevant experience in the policy areas

4 respect to obey the US Constitution, specifically respecting habeas corpus rights & rejecting "unitary executive" nonsense (instead viewing Legislative & Judicial as equal branches to the Executive branch, as per the Constitution. In this era of W Bush, we need the next President to actually respect & adhere to the US Constitution.

5 historical track record of having consistent principles, as opposed to changing the policy based off polling (eg Mitt Romney).

6 campaign contribution, by industry/special interest group. In other words, who will this candidate be "owned by" once elected.

Heck I would be happy with an objective breakdown of just #1 & 2.

Kucinich seems great on #1, but wikipedia says he is horrible on #2, as one of the "WOAT 10 mayors ever" when he was Mayor in Cleveland.

OTOH Richardson seems great on #2 & #3, but his #1 is mediocre.

Also, after this Gee Dubbz era, I'm very concerned about #4. I fear Giuliani will be as bad on #4 as Dubbz is.

If such a site exists & is good, it will be very useful & prolly get mad traffic.

Truth Hunter, maybe you should create one, if none exists?

Attack of the Clones, Vol 2 Franken Berry

Props to the Fake News GOAT Jon Stewart for pointing out this cloneage on the Daily Show

OG Franken Berry

Franken Berry v2.0 aka ReThug Pres Candidate Fred Thompson

article: Nader might run for Pres in 08

article: Nader might run for Pres in 08. He also Schiavos Hillary in the article.

Question: Are not Nader's policies very similar to Kucinich? Why not just advocate/campaign for Kucinich?

Nader has done a lot of good for consumers with his work for car safety, no doubt. However, dude seems somewhat ego-maniacal here.

OTOH Mike Bloomberg might be running independent. I really hope he does run. He could split apart the Repub vote. Also, if he wins, he might actually be a good moderate president who could get some actual work done. Supposedly his track record as NYC mayor has been good.

Truth Hunter, what say you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

opinion: Warren Buffett advocates low cost index funds

opinion: Warren Buffett advocates low cost index funds for us Avg Joes.

study: Dad's 3X-yo 1974 pay > his 3X-yo's son in 2004

study: Dad's 3X-yo 1974 pay > his 3X-yo's son in 2004

Another example of the middle class getting shat on, word to Lou Dobbs & Paul Craig Roberts.

Props to Blue Scholars, who had a song on their new album Bayani about us being the 1st US generation whose living standard < parent's living standard

Leveraged Sellout

This fake blog from a NYC investment banker is kinda comedy

Michael Moore "Sicko" documentary

FYI, BC has the Michael Moore "Sicko" documentary.

Do NOT send non-work e-mail from you work e-mail account

You should NOT use your work e-mail for non-work purposes.

People have gotten fired for doing so.

Check out this example of this douche-bag kid from the financial services industry.

I actually know a guy from tennis that got fired from his engineering gig at Lockheed Martin for MERELY FORWARDING a joke non-PC e-mail from another Lockheed guy. It looks like HR chose to make an example out of dude.

Gmail & Yahoo are free e-mail yall dee dee dees, use them instead for non-work purposes.

Monday, June 18, 2007

study: meetings are unproductive

scientific study showing that meetings can be unproductive.

Candidate for Stating the Obvious Award here?

No more PHBs!

news: WW data massive & growning

Check this out. As of 2003, The amount of NEW global data increased of at least 30% a year, & was 5 EXOBYTES, or 37K Library of Congresses.


Drowning in data, aka ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

Damn I wonder what the effect of all the DIY multimedia files is on the growth rate. Mad kids making their own "album tracks" on myspace. Home movies, from the G-Rated Dad-family documentaries, to the NC17-rated sex tapes. I wouldn't be surprised if the annual growth rate is over 100% now.

editorial: dumbest term ever - "anal retentive"

One of the dumbest terms in modern english usage is "anal" or "anal retentive" (nh?) when referring to someone who is "obsessed with minor details".

It would be bad enough if this were only slang, but it seems this is now an acceptable English phrase.

The great Wikipedia says the term started with Freud, although the current modern meaning is different than the original Freud meaning.

I propose to instead us "detail freak" or "detail obsessed" or "forest-blind tree-seer" or some such.

In civilized society, can't we describe a human behavior without referring to the anus or defecating?

Pause on this whole post.

study: women more racist than men in inter-racial dating preferences

A study shows women more racist then men, in terms of inter-racial dating preferences. Props to BC for the link.

Are women truly more racist, or is this effect of women in general tending to only want to date men when they feel marriage would be an acceptable possibility? OTOH men tend to want to casually date whomever they can, while being very hesitant to commit to marriage?