Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Loremo diesel car

The homie G Jr told me about this German company Loremo, that has a diesel gasoline powered car to hit the mass market in 2009.

cost: 20K Euro or less
mileage: 87 MPG or 157 MPG (depending on car's HP)
safety: despite being lightweight car, Loremo says the car is very safe
seats: 2+2

This is very interesting to me, I hope they hit the mass market in the USA.

Just think if Peak Oil cause gas prices to triple to $9/gallon. A Loremo driver AT WORST would still have a similar gasoline bill as a typical 2008 car driver with $3/gallon gasoline.

G Jr said he's waiting for a hybrid electric/gasoline car, which would get similar fuel cost as the Loremo.

Question: how is tiny Loremo possibly more innovative than the big car companies like Toyota? Possible collusion between Big Auto, Big Oil, & Big Corporate Welfare ReThuglican Whores? No Art Bell just in case.

As the resident Automotive guru among my commenters, Ambassador I need you to opine here homie. Is Loremo for real or a pipe dream [||]?

smoke/CO2 alarm

I needed to replace my smoke alarm. A relative who recently copped a house, said his home inspector recommended this model, "Kidde Nighthawk Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarm", item #143036 model #900-0102-16. I copped from the local Lowe's for $40 incl tax.

Monday, February 4, 2008

WTF photo: NE Patriots dancing with US Soldiers

Random WTF pic: check this out.

Dancing with sexy half-naked cheerleaders in panty-butt shorts, while having some type an uzi on your back?

Damn son I just hope the wrong gun doesn't "prematurely ejaculate" [||]. We done already suffered 4K+ deaths of US soldiers in Iraq.

BTW: Props to the butt shorts-wearing NE Patriots cheerleaders at the Superbowl.