Saturday, March 31, 2007

running - NCAA Final 4 5K race

This weekend here in the ATL the big Final 4 basketball tourney is in town, at the Georgia Dome. I saw on that the Final 4 was having a 5K race starting & ending in Centennial Olympic Park, going through downtown and past the GA Dome.

I thought this would be a unique race to run, so signed up. It turns out it actually was the first ever Final 4 5K, which they'll continue next year in San Antonio. The only thing that sucked is that I had to get up real early to make it there for the race at 8:00a. I had to leave at 6:20a in order to park at the MARTA park & ride station and make it to Centennial Pk in time.

It was a decent course, a few hills but not too bad. There was a huge spectrum in running ability, with some extremely good runners at one end, and a few grandpa couples that were just walking it at the wack end of the spectrum.

As always, running is the most humbling sport ever, as a few 50-something women and little girls sonned me during the race, passing me by, no Pharcyde. Around 2.5 miles while going up a hill, this guy pushing a stroller with his toddler kid zoomed passed me. At least no 250 lb. guys passed me this time! There was a cute 25-yr girl that kept chatting with everyone, including commenting to me about how the downtown air sucks. This was cool yet annoying since I and other normal humans are breathing heavily, and homegirl is almost doing a standup comedy routine talking to everyone, chismosa-steez. At least I sonned her at the end.

They didn't have anyone to give the times at the 1 or 2 mile mark, which sucked. I think I went at too slow a pace. At around 2.5 miles I kicked in to another gear & passed several folks that had passed me along the way. There was no 3-mile marker, so I was surprised when I could see the end of the race. Natch I then had to sprint these last 100 meters.

In the end I felt like I left something on the course, I should've ran at a slightly faster pace. My time sucked but at least wasn't totally effed up. I only run a few races per year, so I've always been a hack, yet a few years ago I hacked my way to 24-25 minutes, so I'd like to get back to that standard.

One cool thing is the race had a little microcontroller chip that you tie to your shoe. At the end of the race, you throw the chip in a bin. To my surprise, 30 minutes later before they gave away a few Final 4 tickets, they had the results printed out!

I finished 264th out of 761 overall, LOL. I noticed that the results tended to match regular sports reality, with the 20-somethings dominating. I ran a few of these 5Ks that are bizarro world steez where the 40s beat the 30s, and the 20s are even worse. In the last race I ran the 40-44 women division winner sonned the 30-34 men division winner, LOL. Actually they didn't have age group divisions in this Final 4 race, only overall men & women winner. It didn't matter for me though since I was nowhere near the Top 3 in my age group, LOL.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

ReThuglican hypocrisy - Guiliani, Gingrich, McCain all cheated on their wife

Check this article that notes that 3 of the top 4 Republican presidential nominees have committed adultery. I guess the 4th guy Romney has been faithful, per his Mormon religion.

Hell I don't care about this personal stuff, & feel it should be personal. However Gingrich was trying to impeach Bill Clinton WHILE HE WAS TAXING A MISTRESS.

Gingrich = candidate for WOAT HYPOCRITE

Like my girl L-Boogie once said "The 666 comes wick' like Newt Gingrich sucks dick".

OTOH the Dem candidates are adultery-free.

In the general election, if one of these 3 guys get the nomination, I hope the minute the ReThugs run negative ads on the Dems, the Dems retaliate & bring up the adultery issue. In fact they should have these negative commercials "in the can" waiting to be launched as campaign WMD on their ReThug hypocritical ass.

1 the adultery factor will alienate the conservative Fundy Xian vote, perhaps the main "base" votes of republicans

2 the hypocrisy factor will alienate independents and all who can't stomach severe hypocritical douche-bags, eg 80%+ of all Americans.

In 04 Dee Dee Dee Kerry refused to do negative campaigns while Gee Dubbz maliciously launched negative ads on LIES about Kerry's Vietnam record. I hope the Dem candidate doesn't make the same mistake in 08.

If they fight dirty, you must do the same. Can't bring a knife to a gun fight, nahmean?

MC Karl Rove

Wow, when you suck so bad at rapping, you make Little Wayne, or even Vince Spadea, or geez even Vanilla Ice seem ill by comparison, then you really extremely suck.

Wow, Karl Rove is
1 Prolly in the Top10 most evil people globally. Given his status as "Bush's Brain", he's the thinker being at least some of Gee Dubbz unconstitutional actions and other evil acts.
2 GOAT dork (not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad)
3 GOAT douche-bag
4 star of one of history's worst self-etherings (no really, watch the youtube clip)
6 WOAT dancer

sketch - Immigration The Human Cost

Immigration: The Human Cost

This sketch is a parody of Faux News, it's comedy. The ironic thing is top-level corporate "CXO" type douches & other elite Americans never lose jobs to immigrants. If they did, you would see the labor laws change to protect Average Joe & Jane Americans.

Kinda analogous to saying "that if men could get pregnant, the legal abortion would not be an issue".

This happens in "white collar" professional jobs as well. Corporate America is down to outsource the 70K engineer, accountant, radiologist, etc to "India Inc" where they make 15K or whatever for the same job.

But how come the 800K CXO douche doesn't get outsourced to India as well? I'm sure some dudes in India will be happy to be a CXO for 50K and no stock options.

Some American corporate CXOs are extremely talented & are workaholics. I don't know if they deserve to make 10X+ the regular corporate brains "that are actually doing the work". But maybe these actually talented CXOs should get 3X or something the average corporate Joe.

However, some CXOs are true douches whose main talent is corporate politics, not ACTUAL REAL WORK. Reference Dick Cheney & Don Rumsfeld, both former American CEOs, now proven to be bonafide incompetent douches in their tenure with Gee Dubbz.

Nikka Costa

<span class=Nikka Costa - Everybody Got Their Something">

My homie El Chill put me on to Nikka Costa a while back. Due to mp3 backlog, I only checked her 2001 album "Everybody Got Their Something" tonight.

The album is excellent. It's an "Illmatic"-length album with 10 songs (2 skits), and each song is good. The beats are excellent - a diversified mix of uptempo & ballad songs, in the funk, R&B, & soft-rock genres. Costa can sing great also. This album reminds me of the 2006 "Loose" by Nelly Furtado/Timbaland, but this Costa album is even better.

I don't know why Costa isn't a star in the USA, although wikipedia says she is in other countries. I'm surprised the "TI" music execs don't promote her in America - she's an American white woman, who happens to be beautiful, is a great singer, and gets producers with great beats. The same TIs made a star out of the wack Brittney Spears, who only met the first 2 of those 4 criteria. Industry rule #4080 I suppose.

BET producer ethers BET VP

Dece interview here, where this guy explains how BET VP, an arrogant incompetent douche, ruined the channel. I guess this explains how BET was good back in the 90s was good with Rap City with Joe Clair, & Donnie Simpson doing the R&B show, but now totally sucks.

I think I watched Rap City once this decade when The Roots were the guests. The video playlist sucked, and the incompetent moron host had no clue about the Roots or their discography.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

test your broadband connection -

Shout to my bro GDP, my IT consigliere for the tip.

Use this test here at to check the quality of your internets. Quite greater!

Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes: 1987-2007

interesting article on American political values, and the change from 1987 to now.

Hopefully a few more Democrats will view this & subsequently grow some cojones & support what's right, and not what the "convention wisdom" says to do. For instance fight against Gee Dubbz non-constitutional programs on no-warrant searches & seizures. One can hope.

John McCain gets ethered on Myspace

McCain would probably be a dece president, but I gotta mention his dee dee dee move here. Check this article out about McCain's myspace ethering, comedy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Canas beat Federer AGAIN

I happen to see on the internets news that Guillermo Canas beat Federer for the 2nd consecutive tournament 76 (2) 26 76 (5).

Anything could happen in a 3rd set tiebreaker, but I still would've expected Fed to win.

Hopefully DESPOT (aka ESPN2) will show it tonight & I can record it with the Media Center app to see what happened

I'm shocked. When Fed lost to Canas in the last tourney Indian Wells, he had been winning 41 consecutive matches, last losing in August 06. Now he loses to the same dude in consecutive tournaments? WTF?!

Monday, March 26, 2007

TerrorStorm review

TerrorStorm is a documentary by Alex Jones.

review: 2/5

The theme is that throughout history & now, many governments including the US & UK, have executed "false flag" terror attacks in order to spark fear in the public, who then concede many of their rights to the government.

There is some interesting evidence about the 9/11 US attacks & 7/7 UK attacks.

However, the execution of the documentary sucks, especially the amateur graphics. The documentary wanders from topic to topic seemingly randomly, and alternates between description of events that have happened and interviews. Some of the interviews are of former high ranking government officials, including one from the CIA.

There must be a much better documentary that covers the same subject matter, in a more professional, clearer way.

Of course, if even a small fraction of the allegations are true, well that is extremely focked up, & Gee Dubbz is even worse than he already appears to be.

No Alberto Gonzalez & Gee Dubbz Bush warrantlessly wiretapping me for writing this blog post, just in case

10 false flag attacks in history

Not sure about veracity here, but I would say the same about the MSM. I am sure the lame MSM won't write an article like this.

This is highly focked up yo

Rock the Bells concert

Check the lineup to this Rock the Bells concert this summer. It's "Legendary", pun intended about the Roots Crew.

Too bad they're only playing in NY & CA.

The Album, a Commodity in Disfavor

NYT article on how the album is falling off and the single (mp3 track purchase, ringtones, etc) is coming back.

Classic albums to me are the most timeless article of pop culture. Illmatic or No Jacket Required are still great today a decade+ after they were made. OTOH other things such as books or movies, don't have much replay value to me, even if they're classic.

So I hope the album doesn't fall off, but I doubt it will though for quality artists with loyal fanbases.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Georgetown: The Next Generation

In 1984 Georgetown coach John Thompson & star junior center Patrick Ewing lead the Hoyas to a national championship beating Houston.

Today, in 2007, I caught the end of the quarterfinal (aka regional final) game where in overtime the "TNG" Hoyas beat North Carolina, which included the sons of the 1984 guys, coach John Thompson III & junior Patrick Ewing Jr (not the team MVP like his dad but one of the key players).

This is remarkable - I never heard of such a story in sports. I wonder if it gives Georgetown guys confidence going into the Final 4, as in "our dads did it, why can't we do it?"