Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wrist Assist

This Wrist Assist product looks interesting. If it's not bogus, it seems like it could help me get a solid topspin forehand to my tennis game.

RSSSF - Futbol Stats

This RSSSF site tracks futbol club & national team results globally.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Free futbol on the internets for FIFA U-20 World Cup

Attention futbol stans: You can watch the "future stars" of futbol at the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which runs from Jun-30 to Jul-22. Only Canadians cannot participate, although there are not very many futbol stans in Canada anyways. All 52 games will be webcast.

I'm by no means a futbol stan, I am more of an occassional fan. I only get hyped for big events like the real World Cup & Copa America. I won't watch any of these U-20 games.

However, I like this new trend of free & legal internets broadcast of sports. I hope that more sports get broadcast over the internet this way. Especially in the next Olympics, perhaps they could broadcast at least the sports that get little or no love/airtime on TV coverage.

As of 2007, hi-speed internet >>>> cable/satellite TV + desktop phone line.

The computer is morphing into a device which can DoItAll, word to the LOTUG spastic MC.

Copa America: a bad futbol day for us Gringos &/or Colombianos

Copa America was vicious last/Thu Jun-28 night. I haven't seen the Copa America games (rolled tape, natch), but couldn't resist peeping the score on Wikipedia.

Paraguay Schiavod, aka "le dio duro" a Colombia, 5-0

The Ches aka Gauchos aka Nuevo Italianos aka Argentina ethered, aka "hicieron una matanza", a we Gringos aka Estadounidenses aka 'Mericans 4-1

2 Words (no Kanye/Mos/Freeway song): Damn, son!

Attack of the Clones, Vol 3, Muhammad Ali

Attack of the Clones, Vol 3, Muhammad Ali

OG Muhammad Ali (YOB 1942)
Ali was perhaps the GOAT boxer, & also a civil rights hero for his civil disobedience in protesting the Vietnam War.

Muhammad Ali v2.0 aka Will Smith (1968)
The actor/rapper Smith looked like Ali in the movie Ali

Muhammad Ali v2.1 aka Will Smith v2.0 aka Robert Horry (1970)
Horry is an NBA basketball player.

Muhammad Ali v3.0 aka Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (1985)
Tsonga is a French tennis player. He was a wildcard entry to Wimbledon, but has shocked the field by winning 3 rounds by beating Benneteau, N Lapentti, & F Lopez, & reaching the Final 16 of the Men's Singles draw, where he'll face his fellow countryman & "young gun" Gasquet.


There's a new centrist 3rd party Unity08, that apparently is looking to draft Bloomberg, or a similar centrist politician for the 2008 Pres race.

I hope they are successful. I am sick of the 2-entity oligopoly of the
1 ReThuglicans corporate-whore, middle-class destroying
2 Democrates lame, bitchmade, do-nothing, afraid to fight for the average Joe American, ReThuglican-Lite

There are exceptions of course of good stand-up major party politicians, like Russ Feingold, but you know what I mean.

Think about it. 2 parties is only 1 party better than the autocrats we say were so evil during the 20th Century, such as
-USSR - Communists
-MEX - PRI in power for 70 yrs

Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Edward's wife sons mAnn Coulter

Shout out to Rosenberg for this story. John Edward's wife Elizabeth called into the Hardball show to politely ask mAnn Coulter to stop making personal ad hominem attacks on John. Elizabeth was extremely classy & polite, offered to debate mAnn, but just stop the personal attacks.

mAnn Coulter mistook this request as "requesting me to stop writing/speaking".

I say that in this statement, mAnn daughtered, er sonned, himself. mAnn indirectly admitted that 100% of her "work product" is ad hominem attacks, as opposed to civil, insightful discourse on policies. If mAnn were to stop ad hominem attacks, she'd have nothing more to say.

This was a masterful intellectual sonning from Elizabeth, as she got mAnn to ether himself in a spectacular self-ethering.

Why does the MSM give this hateful/bigoted/racist dude mAnn Coulter any air time? mAnn is 1000X worse than Imus, & poor Imus got fired for his comments.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poll Vol 3: US Gen Standard of Living

This poll is on which USA generation will have a better standard of living, the Baby Boomers (born 1940-1969) or Generation Y (born 1970-1999). Note, my generational definitions are from Wikipedia. For purposes of this poll, just assume
Boomer = born bt 1940-1969
Gen Y = born bt 1970-1999

There have been many Americans, from Paul Craig Roberts to Blue Scholars, who have stated this will be the 1st generation in American history, where the standard of living declines from that of its parents.

I have strong views on this, so I will not highlight pros & cons of each argument. Plus this is a topic that everyone in the general public should be able to have their own informed opinion on, without reading more background material.

Pls rock the vote.

Vote deadline is Mon Jul-2.

Wes Clark Jr on the Young Turks

IMHO The Young Turks are the best politics & news talk radio show, perhaps tied with Thom Hartmann.

The last few days the excellent Cenk Uyger along with the lame, stuttering Ben Mankiewicz are on vacation. Uyger is so good that he makes the lame Mankiewicz tolerable.

However TYT's B team is as good or better than the actual A team, as impossible as it seems!

Wes Clark Jr, the son of 2004 Pres candidate & Army general Wes Clark, is an EXCELLENT politics/news talk radio host. Clark is very insightful on both current events & history. Clark is a realist, & is not partisan. Although he is more Democratic politically, he will Schiavo any politician including Democrats. I like his quote "all you can measure a politician by is their actions, not what they say". Clark really seems to have a long-term view on issues as well. Clark seems to be as wise as a 60-year old, even though he's only approx 37 yo.

The other cohost on the B team, Michael Shure, is also good. Shure is very knowledgeable about politics, & could prolly name you the entire US Sen & House members from memory.

Basically Clark is slightly better than the excellent Uyger, & Shure is way better than Mankiewicz.

Honestly I wish Uyger would fire Mankiewicz & hire Clark, or even Shure, to replace him.

Anyways, TYT has posted some Clark/Shure shows on their website, as pure mp3s without commercials. Download a segment & check Clark, dude is the truth & a stand-up individual.


This site SoccerTV is a nice resource, listing all the futbol on TV in the USA & CAN.

Copa America

The Copa America kicked off yesterday in Venezuela. This is the South American continental championship.

SoccerTV says ALL 26 games will be broadcast. GolTV has the English broadcasts, Univision & its WC affiliates tienen los partidos en espanol.

The 10 countries of the S American continental group CONMEBOL are all participating, along with N American guests los gringos (USA) y los bueys (MEX).

I am really happy USA & MEX get an invitation. I feel it's tough for USA & MEX to ever be prepared for the World Cup, since they mainly only play tiny Carribean & Central American countries in their non-WC games. This will give USA & MEX to go up against world-class BRA & ARG.

I am also pleasantly surprised that the beef bt world-class douches Gee Dubbz & Hugo Chavez, didn't preclude USA from playing this tourney in VEN.

The format is
1 round robin, 3 groups of 4 teams. 1st & 2nd in each group, along with 2 of the 3 3rd place teams, advance to quarter-finals (QF) round
2 Knock out rounds, starting with QF round

The rosters of all 12 teams are available. Off a quick glance, I am very disappointed that the USA seems to be sending the "B team" to Copa America. 4 USA players made the All Tournament Team for the Gold Cup: Hejduk, Mastroeni, Beasley, & Donovan. These 4 dudes inexplicably are not on the Copa America squad. As I said, Copa America is a great chance to go up against real world-class competition to prepare for the World Cup. Why not bring the "A team". I don't care if the MLS wants their stars (all 4 guys play in the MLS, except Scottish league Beasley) for random regular season league matches. Fan interest in the MLS will increase if the USA makes a good run in Copa America. With the USA being in a tough group with ARG, COL, & PAR, I don't have much expectation for the USA without having their top players playing.

Anyways, Copa America should be interesting. Between Wimbledon & Copa America, the sporting world is great right now.

USA wins the Gold Cup

Damn, futbol in North America is great this summer.

We have 3 ill tourneys:
1 Gold Cup (CONCACAF/N American continental champion)

2 Copa America (CONMEBOL/S American continental champion - USA & MEX invited guests)

3 Superliga (N American club championship, with 4 teams each from the MLS (USA & CAN league) & MEX's Primera Division League.

We just finished the Gold Cup, & the USA brought home the Gold, beating the bueys from MEX 2-1 in Chicago. Gols provided by a penalty kick by Landon Donovan "Mcnabb", & a SICK goal by Feilhaber

Peep Feilhaber's ILL gol:

As the spastic announcer guy said "Golazo! Talk to me Jesus!"

cRap Music Fantasy League - Q3

Registration is open for the cRap Music Fantasy League, for Q3 2007.

To enter, hit up the DP. com link & enter your team of 8 cRappers in that page's comments. Participation is free, & the winner gets a free pair of sneakers. Apparently, the deadline is Jun-30, since Q3 starts on Jul-1.

I'm a big supporter of this league. In a way, I am the R&D or IT Consultant of the operation, making the cRap spreadsheet for Dallas to track cRap events & the league standings.

Since I don't listen to commercial cRap radio, I need to do some research for my own squad, to see who stands to score massive pointage in the Q3.

Poll Vol 2 Result: Favorite Talib Kweli album = 1998 Blackstar album

The votes are in. According to the masses, er the 23 people that voted, the GOAT Talib Kweli album is the Blackstar album, which garnered 43% of the votes.

If we factor out the Blackstar album, which is a duo bt Kweli & Mos Def, the other albums all have Kweli as the lone MC. Out of the remaining group, to my pleasant surprise, my favorite Kweli album 2002 Quality wins. Shout outs to my fellow Quality stans such as Fux & GOZ who represented.

The voting:

1998 Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star 10 43%
2002 Quality 6 26%
2000 Reflection Eternal - Train of Thought 5 22%
2007 Ear Drum 2 9%

The other 3 albums didn't get any votes.

Thanks for participating in the poll, & keep doing so in the future.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MC Vince Spadea's Wimbledon Rap

MC Vince Spadea lost today in the 1st Rd of Wimbledon to the seeded big-serving (pause) Ivan Ljubicic in 4 sets.

However, he kicked a rap verse about Wimby, & is planning to "make some tracks" soon.

MC Vince Spadea = my "favorite" wack MC

Monday, June 25, 2007

World Cat

World Cat is a site where you can search for books & other materials across multiple physical libraries.

Rosenberg Radio

There's a DJ Pete Rosenberg, that actually plays good music on the radio.

Granted, it's in NYC on Sunday at 1a, but he has a commercial-free podcast such that you can listen to whenever, available from his website.

I checked 1 podcast, not only did Rosenberg play good songs, but he had good interviews with Kweli & Just Blaze. I'm feeling this dude's show, pause.