Saturday, September 8, 2007

GOAT25 Spanish-language Album list

UPDATE Sep-08: Jimarca said 3 of my albums were ineligible: Delinquent Habits, King Chango, & Santana.

So I've replaced them with Chichi Peralta, El General, & Ruben Blades
Ozomatli - Embrace the Chaos

Latinos stand up! Spanish-speaking gringos also stand up! It's list time! Get your music nerd on!

FYI, Jicamarca @ RYM has a GOAT25 project going for Spanish-language albums here. If you click the list, search for my name, where you can find my list, with RYM links to each album.

Per Jicamarca, eligible albums are:
Spanish-language albums, made anywhere
albums made in the Spanish-speaking countries, regardless of the language used on the album

Feel free to contribute your vote. If you're not on RYM & don't want to join RYM, I could submit your list on your behalf.

For my list, I imposed a few rules on myself in addition to Jicamarca's rules
1 maximum 1 album for each artist
2 only pick either Spanish-language albums, or albums with a mix of English & Spanish lyrics
3 pick my favorite albums, as opposed to other criteria such as historical impact/influence
4 restrict to studio albums, with the only exceptions being the compilation albums of Celia Cruz & Cypress Hill
5 for reference, I list the country of the artist. For non-Spanish speaking countries (USA & FRA), I also list the ethnicity of the artist. For instance, Orishas is a French group of ethnic Cubans. Here is Wiki's 3-character country code list.


1 (25 puntos) USA/MEX rock Ozomatli 2001 Embrace the Chaos
2 PRI rap Tego Calderon 2003 El Abayarde
*3 USA/CUB rap Cypress Hill 1999 Los Grandes Exitos En Español (Cypress nunca tenia un album studio en la idioma de espanol, este compilacion es la unica)
4 COL rock Aterciopelados 2006 Oye
5 COL rock Bloque 1998 Bloque

*6 CUB salsa Celia Cruz 1993 Lo Mejor De Celia Cruz (me parece que Celia no tenia albums studio, solo singles)
7 USA/PRI salsa DLG 1996 Dark Latin Groove
8 USA/DOM merengue Proyecto Uno 1996 New Era
9 VEN salsa Oscar D'Leon 1997 En Nueva York
10 PRI rap Calle 13 2007 Residente o visitante

11 FRA/CUB rap Orishas 2000 A lo cubano
12 MEX rock Mana 2002 Revolución de amor
13 PRI salsa India 1997 Sobre el fuego
14 COL vallenato Carlos Vives 1999 El amor de mi tierra
15 DOM merengue Juan Luis Guerra 1998 Ni es lo mismo ni es igual

16 USA/VEN salsa Yerba Buena 2003 President Alien
17 CUB son Buena Vista Social Club 1997 Buena Vista Social Club
18 MEX rap Control Machete 1999 Artilleria Pesada: Presenta
19 COL salsa Grupo Niche 1990 Cielo De Tambores
20 ARG rock Soda Stereo 1992 Dynamo

21 USA/PRI salsa Willie Colon 1976 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
22 PAN rap El General 1991 Muevelo con El General
23 DOM merengue Chichi Peralta 2000 De Vuelta Al Barrio
24 PAN salsa Ruben Blades 1984 Buscando América
25 (1 punto) USA/PRI salsa Marc Anthony 1995 Todo a su tiempo

Here's a breakdown by country

Watch Roger Do His Thing

Must see TV this weekend: Turn on CBS Sat 3p ET, & Sun 4p ET.

You need to "Watch Roger Do His Thing" (c) Main Source off their 1991 album Breaking Atoms

Roger Federer
aka the 2000s GOAD (greatest of the decade) athlete
aka the future tennis GOAT
aka Fed

is finna cop his 12th Grand Slam title at the US Open (USO).

Yes, at age 26, Fed is gonna be only 2 GS titles away from Sampras' record 14 titles. There's a real chance that Fed could break Sampras' record at the 2008 USO! Barbaric!

The final four is looking mighty meh in terms of having a real chance at beating the mighty Fed

In the semifinal on Sat, it's "deja vu all over again" (c) Yogi Berra. Fed is playing Davydenko aka Phil Collins v3.0, in a repeat of the 2006 USO semi. Don't be surprised if Fed's homie/hypeman/weed carrier/non-GOAD Tiger Woods is chillin in Fed's box [||] along with Fed's girlfriend Mirka, just like in 2006.

Fed pwns Davydenko 9-0 in the head-to-head [||] record

In the final, Fed will either face
Yung Djok aka Chia Head aka Novak Djokovic. The H2H is 4-1. Djok beat Fed in August in the Canadian Masters tourney, but that was a 3-setter where Djok won 2 tiebreaker sets. Anyone that's played tennis knows that tiebreakers are 50-50 crapshoots. I seriously doubt Djok can beat Fed in a best-of-5-sets format.

Djok could lose the semi, in which case Fed will play David Ferrer in the final. The H2H again is total sonnage, 9-0 for Fed.

Fed seemed to be "in full flight" in the Quarterfinal match vs Andy Roddick. Roddick played great tennis, but Fed was too Fed-like, so A-Rod lost in straight sets, although sets 1 & 2 were close tiebreaker sets.

So watch "dat shyt" (c) Belize. Hey in 2040 your grandchildren might want to ask you what is was like to see the greatest athlete in the last 50 years, "live & direct" (c) Phife Dawg. Sorry basketball stans, your future grandkids will NOT be referencing Jordan!

Fermi Paradox

Does your brain need some stimulation [||]? Read this wiki article on the Fermi Paradox.

Basically the paradox is
1 given such a high likelihood of many, possibly millions+, intelligent civilizations existing in the visible universe, & even in our Milky Way galaxy

2 why have 0 of them "hollered at us" [||].

This futurist John Smart has a really mind-blowing [||] theory, that inevitably the most intelligent civilizations will evolve to engineer another universe inside a black-hole [||] type singularity. The parameters of that new universe's physics will be chosen/engineered to maximize the amount of time, energy, & information-processing abilities available. WTF?! This theory would explains the Fermi paradox, in that no intelligent civilization would bother with the energy/time/money needed to colonize other star systems. It's cheaper/better just to cop/design your own universe.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Elizabeth Warren speech "The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class"

This Elizabeth Warren speech on "The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class", is quite insightful & interesting. Another example on how families & individuals shoulder too much risk in the society.

Warren also has a blog, & her Harvard professor website.

My take, in the long-term, we "regular Americans" need to fight for our rights politically.

In the short-term & long-term, save significant money to have as a buffer against layoffs, a major family illness, or other life risks that are now almost totally shouldered by families/individuals.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hurricane Katrina, 2 yr anniversary

It's already been 2 years since Hurricane Katrina. The situation in New Orleans in 2007 is still fugazi, as Amy Goodman exposed on Democracy Now.

Talib Kweli & Bun B made a great song, on Kweli's 2006 Confidential mixtape, about Hurricane Katrina & it's aftermath, "None Of Us Are Free". Kweli's verse (the 1st verse) is more insight contained in 16 bars, than most editorialist writers can write in their opinion articles. It's certainly more insightful than what cable news pundits spew. Check it out.

Also know that hurricanes unfortunately don't stop. The homie Belize had photos showing the damage of Hurricane Dean on his home country Belize. Unfortunately, there's another hurricane heading towards Belize also. You won't prolly hear about it on CNN, since the elite douchebags running the American MSM, don't care anything about the Americas region, unless they have oil (Venezuela).

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gravy Bread - mp3 blog directory

This site Gravy Bread is a directory of many MP3 blogs, of all types of genres.

Gravy Bread also intellectually ethers the RIAA. If the RIAA has a soul, it's burning slow!


We agree to the following:

No one visiting the links featured via Mega Super Mammoth has at any time downloaded any music owned by the RIAA-affiliated music industry companies.

If you can believe that, then we in return pledge to believe that the RIAA-affiliated companies have never illegally or unethically paid payola to radio disc jockeys, engaged in monopolistic practices, screwed countless artists out of royalties (including and especially black blues artists), cooked their books with creative accounting to rook artists and avoid taxes, or engaged in any of the other sleaze-bag practices that the RIAA-affiliated companies have been found guilty of in the past or are continually accused of by the artists they claim to be protecting.

No, we will continue to dutifully buy the overpriced, spyware-infected product of the RIAA-affiliated companies so that our favorite Hollywood music tycoons will have the war chest they need to continue filing scattershot extortion lawsuits against defenseless, penniless children and grandmas they randomly find in the phone book and so that they can celebrate by tooling around LA in their Bentleys snorting coke. After all, we would not want to deprive them of that.