Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hurricane Katrina, 2 yr anniversary

It's already been 2 years since Hurricane Katrina. The situation in New Orleans in 2007 is still fugazi, as Amy Goodman exposed on Democracy Now.

Talib Kweli & Bun B made a great song, on Kweli's 2006 Confidential mixtape, about Hurricane Katrina & it's aftermath, "None Of Us Are Free". Kweli's verse (the 1st verse) is more insight contained in 16 bars, than most editorialist writers can write in their opinion articles. It's certainly more insightful than what cable news pundits spew. Check it out.

Also know that hurricanes unfortunately don't stop. The homie Belize had photos showing the damage of Hurricane Dean on his home country Belize. Unfortunately, there's another hurricane heading towards Belize also. You won't prolly hear about it on CNN, since the elite douchebags running the American MSM, don't care anything about the Americas region, unless they have oil (Venezuela).


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Big-ups on this blog.

Also want to take the opportunity to refer your readers to this week's edition of THE NATION magazine, which has a series of articles on the aftermath of Katrina 2 years since:

You'll find that THE NATION takes a wide-stance on issues such as Katrina, including the political context of no-bid contracts and general profiteering of disasters (cough, Iraq reconstruction, cough). Extreme [||] on the coughs and the wide-stance.

No stannery just in case [||].


BELIZE said...

Preciate the shout fam..unfotunatley Nicaragua and Guatemala felt the wrath of Felix..the latter country I really could give a flying fukc about though..but, im an asshole like that sumtimes