Saturday, September 8, 2007

Watch Roger Do His Thing

Must see TV this weekend: Turn on CBS Sat 3p ET, & Sun 4p ET.

You need to "Watch Roger Do His Thing" (c) Main Source off their 1991 album Breaking Atoms

Roger Federer
aka the 2000s GOAD (greatest of the decade) athlete
aka the future tennis GOAT
aka Fed

is finna cop his 12th Grand Slam title at the US Open (USO).

Yes, at age 26, Fed is gonna be only 2 GS titles away from Sampras' record 14 titles. There's a real chance that Fed could break Sampras' record at the 2008 USO! Barbaric!

The final four is looking mighty meh in terms of having a real chance at beating the mighty Fed

In the semifinal on Sat, it's "deja vu all over again" (c) Yogi Berra. Fed is playing Davydenko aka Phil Collins v3.0, in a repeat of the 2006 USO semi. Don't be surprised if Fed's homie/hypeman/weed carrier/non-GOAD Tiger Woods is chillin in Fed's box [||] along with Fed's girlfriend Mirka, just like in 2006.

Fed pwns Davydenko 9-0 in the head-to-head [||] record

In the final, Fed will either face
Yung Djok aka Chia Head aka Novak Djokovic. The H2H is 4-1. Djok beat Fed in August in the Canadian Masters tourney, but that was a 3-setter where Djok won 2 tiebreaker sets. Anyone that's played tennis knows that tiebreakers are 50-50 crapshoots. I seriously doubt Djok can beat Fed in a best-of-5-sets format.

Djok could lose the semi, in which case Fed will play David Ferrer in the final. The H2H again is total sonnage, 9-0 for Fed.

Fed seemed to be "in full flight" in the Quarterfinal match vs Andy Roddick. Roddick played great tennis, but Fed was too Fed-like, so A-Rod lost in straight sets, although sets 1 & 2 were close tiebreaker sets.

So watch "dat shyt" (c) Belize. Hey in 2040 your grandchildren might want to ask you what is was like to see the greatest athlete in the last 50 years, "live & direct" (c) Phife Dawg. Sorry basketball stans, your future grandkids will NOT be referencing Jordan!

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Fed owns a pair of Jordans..nuff said

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