Sunday, July 18, 2010

DG rec links

This homie DG reads up on alternative media & conspiracy-related sites.

Here's a list he recommended.

Tim Geithner incompetent work history

economist Simon Johnson article details Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner's incompetent work history. As of now, it appears Geithner is trying to block the possibility of consumer advocate/lawyer Elizabeth Warren to be the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency head, an organization that was Warren's idea! Johnson notes Geithner's blocking of Warren might be his "9th life" & for once Geithner's incompetence may hurt Geithner's career.

S Johnson's blog Baseline Scenario is bookmarkable.

Michael J Smith "The Ratchet Effect" of US bipartisan rightwing trend

Michael J Smith essay that claims that since 1968, the Fed Democrats function is to maintain the political spectrum position, whereas the Republicans always move it rightwards.

This is similar notion to Cenk Uyger's opinion that Obama is more conservative than Reagan.

Apparently Smith's essay is a chapter from a book he hosts on his site, as well as blog articles.