Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cali government torching Aguablanca neighborhood

Aguablanca pre-Cali Police's ethering

Aguablanca post-ethering

I stumbled upon this sad story. This story makes me ashamed of the "C" of my "EGC" blog name.

Cali, Colombia police in 2006 burned a neighborhood of shack houses in the Aguablanca neighborhood, destroying the meager property & official Government documents ("papers") of all the community's members & rendering all homeless. 1 infant baby died as a result of the police's tear gas. Many other people including women & elderly were injured, via the police's physical assaults.

That Aguablanca neighborhood was an illegal settlement of makeshift shack houses. The fact that the settlement was illegal, IMHO does not justify the police's inexcusable behavior. I'm not an expert on human rights, but it seems, at a minimum, the Government could have transported the people, along with their posessions, to a temporary refugee area.

After reading story, I gotta say a big 100% NO to this US-COL "free trade" agreement. Maybe COL Pres. Alvaro Uribe, McShame, & WOAT Bush can have randomly have the police burn down their house & all their possessions & papers, & then smack them silly, & leave them homeless. Then let's see if these plutocratic douches think this type of behavior is "acceptable". Why should the US workers join the "race to the bottom", with the country whose government participates in such blatant human rights abuses. Keep in right that civil rights are hard to win, & our ancestors died to win them, but can easily be lost when under attack by plutocrats or fascists.

The concept of a egalitarian society, of equal rights of all citizens, is under assault in USA, & was frankly always focked up in COL. We have the proto-fascist ReThug wing of the Republican party, encouraged by McShame & PalInsane, encouraging the notion that non-white or non-rural Americans are "not Real Americans". These ReThugs are also painting blacks & Muslims as non-real Americans & 2nd class citizens.

If like me, you believe in equal rights, you must influence your circle of family/friends to be aware of this assault on egalitarianism. Don't allow the USA society to gradually drift further in the direction of COL society.