Friday, August 29, 2008

Stupidity in USA, 2001-8

this Tom Tomorrow cartoon is a classic, which ethers ReThuglican non-logic of this lost 2000s decade

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama selects Biden for VP

Biden is a decent pick that I'm OK with. I was hoping for Wes Clark or Russ Feingold, but I can get behind Biden [||].

Biden has good foreign policy experience, an apparently has decent attack dog/ethering skills. McSame & his Rove Mini-Me campaign manager stay telling lies & ad hominem attacks on Obama. Obama thus far is almost as weak in John Kerry in not defending himself & not attacking McSame.

Biden apparently is horrible at managing his personal finances, & has medium Gaff-A-Lot Syndrome saying things like "you're the first Indian I met outside of 7-11" and stuff like that. Lucky for Biden, McSame can't really attack him on these 2 Biden weaknesses, since McSame shares them & actually has them worse. McSame doesn't know how many houses he has. McSame gaffs constantly, especially making factually incorrect statements on foreign policy like not knowing the difference between Sunni & Shia, while claiming to be a foreign policy guru.

McSame has much dirt, from horrible judgement, horrible school/job performance masked by the nepotism of his daddy/granddady Admirals, wife cheating, financial scandal with Keating 5, etc.

Biden has to morph into Attack Dog Joe & be the "bad cop" to Obama's "good cop".

Break out the keg of ether Joe! Get up in their ass [||]!