Thursday, August 9, 2007

Clark Howard

Clark Howard is consumer advisor, & talk radio host (site). Apparently from quickly looking at the site, you can freely download the show as mp3 podcasts as well. I barely know Howard's work, I just caught a few minutes on the car radio. Howard seems very insightful on many consumer topics.

Of course, we don't get any education on house mortgages, insurance, etc. Also, many of these companies are buying off politicians, so that they don't adequately regulate them. Organizations like Clark Howard or Consumer Reports are the only voices with good advice for the consumer.

FL State Rep Bob Allen = epic self-etherer

Bob Allen, a FL State house representative, & FL chair of John McCain's presidential campaign, did the following. Truth is stranger than fiction.

1 Allen solicited to fellate man in a Florida park public restroom, AND pay him $20. Where do I start with Allen's self-etherings?!

1a Allen's hypocrisy of being a closeted self-hating gay, despite as a lawmaker supporting legislation which is against gay rights. I'm sure Allen's wife is furious to learn she might have a risk of an STD from Allen's "down low" gay activities.

1b asking a random dude in a restroom for a sex act. WTF I believe there may be some bars or other establishments that might be better for that activity, than a public restroom.

1c paying someone to fellate THEM. It never occurred to me someone would pay for oral sex, unless they were the RECIPIENT.

As if that wasn't sufficient self-etherings, it gets worse. The dude in the park bathroom was an black man & undercover police officer. So Allen was arrested for prostitution.

2 Allen's justification & official explanation = Allen said he "was afraid that there was several brolic/tough black dudes in the park" & "he was about to be a statistic", meaning a victim of crime.
So any brolic black dude is automatically a criminal who will assault/rob/kill you? Damn, Allen is not only a hypocrite closeted self-hating gay, Allen also is KKKramer-style extreme RACIST!


The local news story

Olbermann's comment

Uyger ethers the BCU - H Clinton & Obama

Cenk Uyger from The Young Turks examines H Clinton & Obama's lame record as Senators in not fighting W Bush's Constitution-defying bills.

Too bad Feingold didn't run.

Another point, it's hilarious how H Clinton & her stans are saying she has the most experience. Oh really, being a Senator for 6 years, & having NO executive experience? Maybe a huge organization like SAP or Oracle should consider me to be their CEO, because I'm like H Clinton, I have no experience being the leader of a huge organization.

Oh yeah H Clinton's amazing experience easily sons the foreign & domestic experience of a guy that's since 1982 has been Governor of a border state, Sec of Energy, Ambassador to the UN, Nobel Prize winner, & House of Representatives member (Bill Richardson). You can't be serious (c) John McEnroe. Barbaric! (c) Sen Byrd.