Thursday, August 9, 2007

Uyger ethers the BCU - H Clinton & Obama

Cenk Uyger from The Young Turks examines H Clinton & Obama's lame record as Senators in not fighting W Bush's Constitution-defying bills.

Too bad Feingold didn't run.

Another point, it's hilarious how H Clinton & her stans are saying she has the most experience. Oh really, being a Senator for 6 years, & having NO executive experience? Maybe a huge organization like SAP or Oracle should consider me to be their CEO, because I'm like H Clinton, I have no experience being the leader of a huge organization.

Oh yeah H Clinton's amazing experience easily sons the foreign & domestic experience of a guy that's since 1982 has been Governor of a border state, Sec of Energy, Ambassador to the UN, Nobel Prize winner, & House of Representatives member (Bill Richardson). You can't be serious (c) John McEnroe. Barbaric! (c) Sen Byrd.

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