Friday, December 2, 2011

T Hartmann on link bt productivity & wages

In US history, 1776-1980, productivity tracked wages. The workweek declined from 60+ hrs to 40 hrs. In 1981 Reagan's disaster policies helped to kill the link. The economy has been bubbled out on credit or crap ever since. T Hartmann clip

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eric Draitser Stop Imperialism podcast

Eric Draitser is a NY schoolteacher, that is a quality amateur commentator on global geopolitics and oligarchy. Draitser is now making a weekly podcast , & also messages on twitter: stopimperialism

editorial on Canadian healthcare

editorial from a Canadian woman who has lived in the US, & has been a patients in both nations' health systems. She claims after tax, after healthcare cost income is higher in Canada, altho the tax itself is about 10% more in Canada. She prefers the CA health system, both on quality & price

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

homeless engineer Maurice Johnston

crazy story about homeless engineer with 2 MS degrees (Purdue & Dartmouth) Maurice Johnston yt LinkedIn resume

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Primary Obama Now

Primary Obama Now site has nice detailed editorial on Obama's betrayal of Progressive values, & why Progressives should support a Dem Primary challenger in the 2012 Presidential race

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

99ers in San Jose

60 Minutes (TV news show) on the 99ers in San Jose/Silicon Valley area. Basically age discrimination seems rampant on the 40+ in the anecdotal individuals profiled. Examples like a Fiberopitic Engineering Mgr now working for $9 as a retail worker at Target.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fw - Greenwald ethers traitor Obama

Glenn Greenwald editorial on how Obama is gutting core principles of Dem party

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fw: article on auto insurance

good Consumer Reports article on car insurance, Oct 2010 issue p. 34-37. p. 37 has a rating of auto insurers, broken down by claims-related problems, timely claim payment, & non-claim related problems.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Debit Card rule change might hurt Reward Checking

Ken, the guru of , wrote this article that there is a Fed Reserve rule change, that will lower the fees from a debit card transaction, that banks charge retailers significantly.

This could HELP consumers IF the retailers passed along part of any savings, which is probably doubtful (retailers will just take the savings as profit).

This could HURT consumers in that these fees the bank gets from debit cards are used to subsidize Rewards Checking accounts.

What will be the impact on options on how a consumer manages their Emergency / short term cash funds?

For liquid deposit account , my guess is that Rewards Checking, if still offered, will still offer the best rate. Currently, Rewards Checking is widely available at 3-4% at many small local banks & credit unions. This is superior to bank alternatives, including the deposit accounts of type savings, money market. It's also superior to a time deposit account such as a certificate of deposit (CD), even despite the inconvenience of a time deposit locking up your money for a period of time. I will keep my eye on depositaccounts, hopefully remembering to check in Dec 2011 & Jun 2012 to verify that Rewards Checking is still superior, aka the "least bad option" in this era of negative real interest rates for short term savers.

The other decent option imho is I Bond, a type of Savings Bonds from the US Treasury. I've yet to buy an I Bond, but am interested. Here is my limited understanding of I Bonds. Each person can purchase up to $10K per year, $5K in paper & $5K electronic. The I Bond updates its interest every 6 months, in relation to the US Gov's CPI inflation index. An I Bond is like a time deposit in that you must hold it for 11 months. After that can be sold, with a penalty of giving up the most recent 3 months of interest. After 5 years there is no 3 month penalty, & it can be held for up to 30 years. The interest income might be partially exempt from taxation (need to learn more about this aspect).

A key notion is that one can set up their FUTURE emergency fund through I Bonds. For example, if one bought $10K in I-Bonds by the end of May-2011, she would have $10K + interest available for sale quickly. It wouldn't be as liquid as a deposit account, but it shouldn't take much times (2 weeks?) to sell the bonds & receive the cash that you could put in a deposit account.

It's possible that best after-tax Rewards Checking rate available in your state declines to the point that it's lower than the comparable I Bond rate. In this case those who purchased I Bonds in prior years would benefit. It's possible that it could be beneficial to buy some I Bonds & hence "diversify" your Emergency cash between Rewards Checking & I Bonds.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

fw - Ted Rall "Rise of the Obamabots"

Ted Rall editorial . It does seem imho that Obamabots (such as extreme douche Daily Kos Moulitsas) copied "It's OK If You Are A Republican" into "It's OK if Obama does it".

Well the phenomenon of Obamabots shows most USians support a politrickian, cursing the policy of the other side when they do it, but staying silent when their Dear Leader does it.

Those of us who support a policy regardless are in the minority. *smh in disgust*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

university education bubble

article on university education bubble. I did not now that there are securitized university loans, just like mortgage back securities of the housing bubble.

also learned that student loans are not able to be defaulted on in bankruptcy. So I would guess that many univ loan students will be screwed by the wage deflation
1 graduate & get a univ-degree requiring career, but face the general wage deflation or stagnation in force in the US since ~1980.

2 underemployment - graduate & don't get a univ-degree requiring job. or have it & lose & work a blue collar job.

3 the dropouts. With the exceptions of a few Kanyes, most will be screwed by the loan burden.

It would be nice if the model of the AP program, had video lecture & textbook materials in open source formats, freely available, such that maybe at least 1 yr of the BS degree could be done cheaply. Also strengthen community colleges. But this would help Avg Jane, & not 1% special interests like Univ admins, or student loan security investors. *smh*

Friday, April 22, 2011

Max Keiser "cacacracy"

LOL @ Max keiser, financial pundit/journalist, ex-Wall Street worker & anti-Wall Street, anti-US oligarchy steez. An American that lives in Paris due to US being too corrupt.

"The US in recent decades is a cacacracy, the rule by the worst of the society. Cacacracy derives from the Latin/French word, Merd".

Saturday, April 16, 2011

article advises barbell weight training for fitness

interesting article on fitness. If true, this would be another example of conventional wisdom & industry marketing being bogus.

Monday, March 21, 2011

fdl opinion article that Obama < Bush 43

opinion from David Swanson that Obama < Bush 43. I don't agree, but the guy makes good points. I do agree with Swanson in being very disappointed with the Wall $treet Welfare Weed Carrier, Pope of Hope.