Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paul Krugman refutes Austrian view of RGD1

Paul Krugman refutes Austrian economics view of the 1930s Republican Great Depression. The Austrian (Libertarians, Ron Paul heads, Peter Schiff, etc) would say that Fed Gov response made the Depression worse, but Krugman/Keynesian shows that lack of Fed Gov response from Repub Pres Hoover in 1929 when RGD1 started actually did make the Depression worse. Plus Krugman highlights some illogical aspects of the Austrian explanation wrt RGD1

Hiway Credit Union

a friend/existing customer highly recommended Hiway Credit Union, as a great bank for personal finance use. Dude said their rates are dece, the service is dece, & it's reassuring that one can go in & talk to a real manager at the branch.

After all the fraud in 2008-9 Banking Crisis, imho I feel like investigating Credit Unions more.

1 thing I worry about is if Credit Unions enjoy FDIC protection, or if they have an alternate protection, is it dece enough. Hit up the comments if u have a take on this issue.

Michael Boldrin "Against Intellectual Monopoly"

economist Michael Boldrin has a free pdf book "Against Intellectual Monopoly". Also has a Econtalk podcast.

Common Good Bank

Common Good Bank is a new type of bank, whose leader was interviewed by Thom Hartmann. IMHO, from the interview, their steez sounds similar to a credit union, but apparently their are some differences.

Twin Cities Hip Hop

Twin Cities Hip Hop lists local MSP metro area shows, & the local artists that often do local shows, such as Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Leroy Smokes, etc.

Jim Sinclair's Mineset

commodity dealer Jim Sinclair blog, who Thom Hartmann recommends

economist Alan Blinder, offshoring expert

economist Alan Blinder, who does academic researching on the effects of offshore outsourcing on US economy.

Working Group on Extreme Inequality

advocacy org Working Group on Extreme Inequality

review of interstate bus service

review of interstate bus service

Single Payer Action

Single Payer Action is a advocacy org for US Universal Health Care