Wednesday, April 27, 2011

university education bubble

article on university education bubble. I did not now that there are securitized university loans, just like mortgage back securities of the housing bubble.

also learned that student loans are not able to be defaulted on in bankruptcy. So I would guess that many univ loan students will be screwed by the wage deflation
1 graduate & get a univ-degree requiring career, but face the general wage deflation or stagnation in force in the US since ~1980.

2 underemployment - graduate & don't get a univ-degree requiring job. or have it & lose & work a blue collar job.

3 the dropouts. With the exceptions of a few Kanyes, most will be screwed by the loan burden.

It would be nice if the model of the AP program, had video lecture & textbook materials in open source formats, freely available, such that maybe at least 1 yr of the BS degree could be done cheaply. Also strengthen community colleges. But this would help Avg Jane, & not 1% special interests like Univ admins, or student loan security investors. *smh*