Friday, November 2, 2007


random hilarious news.

There's a city Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina, that is pronounced bee-yotch.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Playlist - Y 2007

Here's a playlist with the top song off of each good album I've heard, that was released in 2007. I'm experimenting with this divshare free service. I might update this playlist periodically. If you want to listen to some tunes, just click the "playlist" blog label. Enjoy!

Playlist - Y 2007











question: rapid play setting on media player apps

I got a question on rapid play settings on media player type apps. I sent the text out below to the Lifehacker editor.

Pls hit up the comments if you can answer my questions or have insight on this:

I have a basic question on media players. Sorry to trouble you, but I think it's 1 that is very common & relevant to your readership, so I figure you might be interested in the question.

I enjoy using the "Play Speed Settings" in Windows Media Player (WMV). I found for podcast/speech/talkshow audio mp3s, I can save time by playing the mp3 at 1.4x speed.

However I hate WMP. WMP sometimes crashes or has other problems.

1 Does foobar, VLC or any other player have this "rapid play speed setting" for mp3s?

2 same question for video files, specifically .wmv & .dvr-ms. For instance, I use Windows Media Center to record the Daily Show, this way I can replay it later & skip commercials. It would be even better if I could play that Daily Show .dvr-ms file at 1.4x.


Lifehacker is proppin' this app MediaMonkey as an MP3 management app.

In the comments, a guy propped the open source/free app SnackAmp, & claims the app developer replies to emails with questions/bugs/requests/etc.

Windows Media Player stays crashing on me, so I've been using Foobar for playing mp3s & playlists. I might check out these other apps at some time.

As always the pain/time of investigating something that might be better, vs the limitation of the existing app/process.

free service to host & stream your mp3s

Lifehacker has a good article indicating there's a new category of free internet service, which will legally stream your mp3s.

Anyone have experience with this?

I opened an MP3Tunes account to check this out.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Federer clincles 2007 YE #1

For the 4th consecutive year, Roger Federer clinches the 2007 YE #1 spot.

Fed stays sonning worldwide sports. I predict inevitably now that Fed will clinch

1 GOAT tennis player
2 best athlete, any sport, of the 2000s decade

Check back in late 2008, watch the MSM parrot my words.

The homie Federer is too Unbelievable, word to BIG.

Blogging Heads

This site Blogging Heads have debates/lectures of bloggers on politics & social science topics. Kind of like an alternate internets C-Span, for when you want to "get your nerd on".