Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rahm Roast

At this 2005 benefit event, Obama roasted who would become his recently-selected chief of staff - Rahm Emanuel. Turns out, the pres.-elect is a pretty witty guy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lamestream Media was wrong - Latinos voted for Obama

Recall the moronic Lamestream Media talking point that Latinos wouldn't vote for Obama out of anti-black racism?

Recall Dallas was co-signing this nonsense talking point?

This point struck me as nonsense, since countries in Latin America have often elected non-whites & women: blacks (Venezuela - Chavez), Native American (Bolivia - Morales), women (Chile - Bachelet), east Asian (Peru - Fujimori, even the hated-on-in-the US-Muslim arabs (Argentina - Menem & El Salvador - Saca).

When Obama says "the US is the only country where a black guy with the name Obama could be elected President", I have to laugh. A dude like Obama could've done it in many of these Latin American countries in the 1970s or earlier. The USA is world-class in democracy in some attributes, but in this attribute, the USA has fockin sucked. Even the Irish Catholic JF Kennedy was considered too non-white by many US voters in the 1960s, & barely won that election, WTF?!

Check the CNN article. Your boy EGC was 100% correct on this one.

Latino vote Scoreboard: Obama 67 v McCain 31. That's right, Obama is more than straight doubling [||] McCain among Latinos.

I'll wait until Neveruary 31, 4080 for the Lamestram Media to apologize, & denounce & reject themselves, for this nonsense "Latinos won't vote for blacks" talking point.

Go Obama!

Ford Ecosport, anyone?

With all of the talk of bailing out the "big 3," my general impression is that these companies could've moved much more aggressively to implement some needed technological and product changes...

This article is a bit old, but focuses on Ford's comeback strategy in Brazil. They once again became profitable after losing a lot of money, focusing on (surprise) products that people actually demanded in the market.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008