Friday, January 18, 2008

Australian Open update

Belize asked me for an Australian Open update. I've been following the Presidential Secondary (c) myself, process, but BAM! the AO is already in full swing. Here's some news.

Federer is cruising so far in the Aussie Open. If Fed wins, it will be 13 Grand Slam (GS) singles titles, closing in on the Great Pete Sampras’ 14 titles. It’s the 3rd Rd (Rd of 32) right now.

The top US guy Roddick went down [||] Down Under [||] in 5 sets to Kohlscreiber.

James Blake, 1 of the Dallas’ GOAT Light Skinted Brothas TM, is playing great, hopefully he can do some damage.

Dont sleep on Vinny “I Ain’t Afraid of Ya” “33 is the new 16″ Spadea either
Spadea won 2 epic 5-setters.

Perhaps the real question, who’s a “better rapper” between Spadea & Lil Wang? My vote is for Spadea!

The US womens’ hope are all Serena & Venus Williams, they both are playing well. They’re playing women’s doubles also, just beat the #2 seed team, so 1 of them might could take home 2 GS titles this month!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

reform alternatives to the Pres. primary process

Anonomo pointed me to this interesting Nation article, which explains alternatives to the current bogus primary scheme in the President race, where less than 1% of the US in small rural white states like IA & NH, often decide who the next President will be.

I have become disgusted on how the lamestream media ignores most candidates in this race, such as Richardson, Kucinich, & Paul. Even Edwards is getting focked by being ignored by the MSM.

So I'm going to start calling the actual primaries as SECONDARIES. The unelected & douche-bag laden (reference Chris Matthews) MSM effectively has the real primary, by choosing who to focus on & who to ignore.

Lucky the MSM seems to love Obama, H Clinton, & McCain, who all seem that they might be at worst decent Presidents ala Bush Sr 41, & far superior to the idiot Dictator WOAT Gee Dubbz 43.