Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gee Dubbz ties Nixon for WOAT approval rating

Gee Dubbz ties Nixon for WOAT approval rating, the day NIXON LEFT OFFICE! How low can Dubbz go? 24%!

Cenk ethers Dubbz here

mAnn Coulter slanders Jews

mAnn Coulter may have finally killed her own career.

In this Media Matters clip, from the Donny Deutsch show, mAnn says shew "wants to perfect Jews, by converting them to Christianity". Besides being anti-Semitic, mAnn shows she's unfamiliar with the freedom of religion right in the US Constitution.

I believe in the American mainstream media (MSM), racism is relative. What I mean by this, is that certain racist/bigoted statements made against 1 group will cause 1 to get fired, while against another group, there will be no penalty.

mAnn is a case study. S/he's made countless racist statements against Muslims & Arabs, such as the infamous "we should invade Muslim countries, kill their leaders, & force everyone to convert to Christianity". Of course, the MSM allows wanton racism against Muslims, it's not a problem in their view. Don't believe me? US Rep Virgial Goode (R-VA) said racist statements against Muslims, when new US Rep Keith Ellison (D-MN) took office. You think the MSM would allow these racist statements against other groups?

OTOH, Jews are on the opposite end of the relative racism spectrum. There are many Jewish executives, eg "TIs" (no reverse KKKramer just in case) in the MSM. Some of these execs will rightfully label mAnn as a racist against Jews, & try to limit her access to MSM interviews.

LOL @ mAnn's backpedalling. mAnn says it's not a disrespectful comment, because the Jews follow the Old Testament, while Christians follow the Old & New Testaments. By that mAnn non-logic, would "Muslims" be "perfected Christians", since they acknowledge the Old & New Testaments & regard Jesus, Moses, etc as prophets, but also follow the Koran? Ridiculous.

In conclusion, basically mAnn is effing with the wrong group here. Hey "TIs", "God bless, go forward", I hope you successfully ban & blacklist this racist moronic biotch from the entire MSM.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Funky DL

Funky DL 2007 The 4th Quarter
Funky DL - The 4th Quarter

This UK rapper, Funky DL, made an excellent jazz rap album. 1 of my favorite albums of the year. Click the album cover to read my RYM review.

Al Gore says he won't run for 2008 President

BBC reports that Al Gore won't run for President in 2008.

Kinda disappointing, I might have voted for him had he run.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stephen Colbert running for President

On the Colbert Report tonight, Stephen Colbert said he's "running for President in both the Republican & Democratic primary, in my home state of South Carolina".


Here's the most recent story on Google News about it right now.

I'm not sure if this is serious or not. I mean, Colbert has to be at least as much of a realistic candidate as Tom Tancredo or Allan Keys right? LOL. Plus his crazy statements are no crazier 80% the Republican candidates' positions anyways.

SMH at a clown TV character Colbert being the same or less crazy than the positions of most of the actual real ReThuglican candidates like Giuliani or Fred Thompson.

Little Brother's Big Pooh, 4080th rapper to outrap Little Wayne

This dude Lil Wayne, keeps claiming to be the "best rapper alive".

Yet, on every song he guest-raps on, he gets sonned by the other rappers. Even by rappers considered wack, mediocre, or "OK at best".

Yet somehow the insufferable Wayne Stayne band of stanleys keep the faith in Wang [||].

1 month ago, Kanye West sonned Lil Wang on Kanye's "Barry Bonds".

Now, Little Brother sons Wang on LB's new album, on song "Breakin My Heart" (prod. by 9th Wonder, listen here)

1st verse LB's Big Pooh, who many fans in the past had said "sucks" & is "holding back Phonte". Not saying I think Big Pooh's wack, I think he's not great but definitely is good. Just saying what the "internets consensus" was on Big Pooh

2nd verse Phonte

3rd verse Lil Wang

Phonte's verse > Big Pooh >> Lil Wang

This clown Lil Wang should make an album called "Duets - Watch 12 Rappers Come Murk Me On My Own Shit".

Monday, October 15, 2007