Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Brother's Big Pooh, 4080th rapper to outrap Little Wayne

This dude Lil Wayne, keeps claiming to be the "best rapper alive".

Yet, on every song he guest-raps on, he gets sonned by the other rappers. Even by rappers considered wack, mediocre, or "OK at best".

Yet somehow the insufferable Wayne Stayne band of stanleys keep the faith in Wang [||].

1 month ago, Kanye West sonned Lil Wang on Kanye's "Barry Bonds".

Now, Little Brother sons Wang on LB's new album, on song "Breakin My Heart" (prod. by 9th Wonder, listen here)

1st verse LB's Big Pooh, who many fans in the past had said "sucks" & is "holding back Phonte". Not saying I think Big Pooh's wack, I think he's not great but definitely is good. Just saying what the "internets consensus" was on Big Pooh

2nd verse Phonte

3rd verse Lil Wang

Phonte's verse > Big Pooh >> Lil Wang

This clown Lil Wang should make an album called "Duets - Watch 12 Rappers Come Murk Me On My Own Shit".

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