Saturday, January 5, 2008

independent voter: ReThug lite or progressive?

Dave Lindorff states in this article that there were more IA independents that were progressive, than ReThuglican Lite. This is contrary to DLC & Hillary Clinton's assumption, & hence H Clinton lost. Interesting food for thought, get a plate.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dictator Giuliani getting ethered in Iowa


What a great day for America!

In the Iowa ReThuglican Caucus, Dictator Dic-taster Giuliani is getting SONNED! 6th place, LOL.

w/ 65% reporting
1 Huckabee 25,510 34%
2 Romney 18,668 25%
3 Thompson 10,308 14%
4 McCain 9,891 13%
5 Paul 7,674 10%
6 Giuliani 2,708 4%

It looks like Anybody But Giuliani will actually happen! GREAT!!

robotic heezos available by 2050

Chess champion & artificial intelligence expert David Levy predicts robotic prostitutes will be available as a consumer electronics product by 2050.

I think this would be a great benefit to society, & would cut the global birth rate by say 5%, which would probably do more to fight global warming & competition for natural resources like oil & water, moreso than other initiatives. Also STIs, prostitution, rape, & abortions would prolly also decrease.

I've been telling my homie & virtual reality expert Elchill, that if he were to start a company that applied VR to "erotic applications", he might end up on the Billionaires list. Sex sells, literally.

US Military spending is fugazi

Glenn Greenwald has a very interesting article on US military spending in 2008. These 2 points really struck me:

1 US pwns ($623B) pwns the REST OF THE WORLD ($500B)
2 The Iraq & Afghanistan wars "only" account for $150B of the $623B

Why don't we at least "fund" Iraq/Afghanistan by closing random military bases in peaceful rich countries? I think Germany & Japan can get by with out our bases there.

Kudos for a few Presidential candidates like Kucinich & Ron Paul for discussing these issues.

Consortium News

I saw this investigative journalist Robert Parry being interviewed on Democracy Now, perhaps in the mode of Greg Palast.. Parry said some interesting things on how Bill Clinton did not investigate the crimes of Reagan & Bush 41 like Iran-Contra. Parry's site is Consortium News.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Truth Hunter endorses Joe Biden

Veteran EGC commenter & Iowan resident Truth Hunter endorses Sen. Joe Biden for US President. The Iowan caucus is Thursday Jan-3.

I have an issue with Biden, which hilariously caused a Biden campaign volunteer to insult me in the comments. However, bottom line, Biden would prolly be decent as President, even though I am not supporting him.

Hopefully TH blogs about her experience in the Iowa caucus!