Saturday, April 21, 2007

Federer v Nadal, Vol 10 & Fed Cup BEL@USA

This is a great wkd for pro tennis, if you have the Tennis Channel.

The Greatest Sportsman of The Decade (Federer) is playing his nemesis Rafael Nadal in the Monte Carlo Final on clay. This is Volume 10 of their rivalry. Rafa is actually sonning Fed, 6-3 overall & 4-0 on clay. Rafa actually has a ridic 60-something match-win streak on clay, he hasn't lost in 2 years! These Fed-Nad matches have historical importance because:

1 Fed will have to win Roland Garros (the only clay grand slam) to ever be considered as a consensus GOAT. Sampras never won RG and hence some say he can't be the GOAT, despite winning a record 14 GS titles

2 If Fed ends up having a losing record to his main rival in own era, many will say he's not the GOAT. In other words (no Gee Dubbz), how can Fed be the "greatest of all time" if he gets sonned by "a good player of his own time".

I'm rooting for Fed, but Rafa "The Raging Bull" is too tough right now on clay. I pick Rafa in the final/3rd set.

Fed Cup QFs are also this weekend. Fed Cup is the woman's version of Davis Cup, or the woman tennis' version of the World Cup.

USA is at home v Belgium in Delray Beach, FL. BEL has 2 top players in Justine Henin & Kim Clijsters, but they lamed out & chose not to play. Thus BEL is fielding a gaggle of spares not even in the Top100 in singles or doubles, that should get thoroughly daughtered by the USA. USA has the Williams sisters, doubles veteran Lisa Raymond, & the teenage Vania King. Prolly Williams will play the singles matches, & Raymond/King playing the doubles.

I predict utter Schiavoage here, 5-nil for the USA!

PS, I predict at least 1 random comment to this post here along the lines of "wow Serena, I'd hit that"

Imitation of ATP players

There was some party at the Monte Carlo tournament, where the top players were imitated by their fellow players. Comedy!

News article
photo gallery (click this to see the photos)

Fake Federer (done by Fed's doubles partner Yves Allegro)
Fake Nadal (see photo above. Thomas Johansson)
Fake Roddick (Novak Djokovic)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Pete Sampras slam-dunk overhead

Pete Sampras is considered by many to be the GOAT tennis player. Roger Federer might out-GOAT Sampras by the time Fed's done with his career. Currently Fed has 10 GS (grand slam) titles to Sampras' 14 GS.

Despite how well Fed does, Sampras will probably always have the GOAT overhead shot. This is world-class athletic artistry, on the level of Michael Jordan's dunks, or Pele's bicycle-kick goals.

A highlight reel of several overheads

Check this point in a match v Agassi where Sampras has 2 slam-dunk overheads

Thursday, April 19, 2007

15 embarrassing photos of Gee Dubbz

15 embarrassing photos of Gee Dubbz

My favorite one is when Dubbz is holding hands with his boyfriend the Saudi Royal. nh!

a Schiavoing of right-wingnut radio

Ben from The Young Turks, just from listening to AM radio in the ATL for 1 day, finds several outrageous statements from Neal Boortz & Michael Savage, including these douches using the VA Tech massacre for their own right-wingnut hack purposes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

opinion on how political left & right view rap

Interesting opinion on how the US political left & right view rap. Of course this is of interest currently in the wake of the Imus firing, and how some rap vocals say far worse things than Imus. Of course mAnn Coulter says far worse things than any rapper or Imus combined.

Billy Sunday parody playlist

DJ Guillermo X. Domingo at dallaspenn as a online parody playlist, some are funny. Check these lounge singer dudes singing Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Brain"

Does the Second Amendment Protect Shoulder Fired Missiles?

The extremists on both sides of the gun issue, the NRA "bazookas for everyone" vs "ban all guns" are using the VA Tech massacre to battle each other

Cenk from The Young Turks has an interesting moderate opinion on this.

Quote "A perfectly sane individual isn't going to kill those kids even if you gave them a thousand guns. And a mentally-ill guy isn't going to be able to kill 32 people with a bow and arrow"



This Gocomics site is cool, it has the newspaper comic strips, including

regular ones
La Cucaracha
The Boondocks

and editorial cartoons like
Lalo Alcaraz
Steve Sack.

Good stuff

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Next President should adhere to the Constitution

Good opinion on how the next US president should swear to uphold the US Constitution, and not continue with the dictator-like ways of GW Bush.

Americans' news knowledge

This Pew Survey shows which percentage of audience of different media are knowledgeable of the news.

Check how the Daily & Colbert Show viewers as a group are tied for 1st place.

Even better, check how Faux News is 2nd to last place!

Monday, April 16, 2007

article - white flight in Silicon Valley

White families are leaving some Silicon Valley suburbs that have a large Asian-American population. Some of the white kids don't like "competing" with some of the intense studying Chinese & Indian kids.

If I had a kid, I would be happy for him/her to be in a school where being a "nerd" is "cool". LOL.


Onyx had one of the most hyper songs of all time in 1993 with "Slam". I recall playing this song for my bro Lucho, he thought it sucked initially. A few weeks later he copped the cassette single!

I still don't know half of WTF Onyx is saying in this song. I never listened to any Onyx albums.

Nevertheless, of the strength of this great song, I'm inducting Onyx in the Hyper HOF

check the cameos from DMC of Run-DMC and the female gangsta rapper Boss (remember her?) at the end of the video.

Slam [Biohazard Remix]

Slam [Live]
check how the black dudes in the crowd are gettin their mosh-pit on as if this were Metallica!

Lucho book recommendation "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

My bro Lucho is prolly the most intelligent & informed dudes on current events & global socioeconomics I know. Most Americans, including myself, prefer more lighter media such as music or movies.

Lucho reads substantive nonfiction books on topics like economics & foreign policy by intelligent dudes such as Noam Chomsky & Paul Krugman. Lucho would figuratively son 98% of talking heads on TV or even editorial writers, despite being half the age of some of those douches to where he could be their literal son!

Lucho is the truth basically on this type of stuff, so when he recommends a book I take it seriously.

Lucho told me yesterday this book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". The author Perkins is a "whistle blower" here where he tells about his real experiences as a US economist trying to "reverse robin hood" 3rd world countries to extend corporate welfare for US corporations and extend the power of the US government.

Lucho said it's a great book, and one of those real-life moments analogous to taking the red pill in the Matrix, where you see the reality of the world is really far different & unjust than what our US government & mainstream media (MSM) have most people believing.

ATP players beefing with CEO De Villiers over schedule change

The ATP tour has 9 ATP Masters Series (AMS) tournaments in its yearly schedule, which are the most important tournaments after the 4 Grand Slams.

The ATP CEO Etienne "Douche" de Villiers (I call him DDV) is trying to force a change for the 2009 season that will reduce the number AMS tourneys to 8, and the number of clay-court AMS from 3 to 2. The likely result is that the Monaco & Hamburg clay AMS will be cancelled, and the Madrid AMS will switch from indoor hard court to clay.

DDV seems to be a classic incompetent arrogant. DDV is a marketing guy, I think from Disney. DDV doesn't know tennis. But DDV tries these random experiments which annoy players & fans. DDV is incompetent at tennis, but arrogant to think that in his supposed marketing genius that "he knows best" what to do, without considering the opinions of the actual tennis experts. I hate incompetent arrogants, they are the worst type of bosses/managers. Reference the Gee Dubbz/Cheney crew, who don't really know the difference between Sunni & Shia, & then think they can invade Iraq & easily form a stable democracy government. Incompetent arrogants are dangerous to their organizations & society.

There was a controversy a few weeks ago in the Las Vegas with the Round Robin format, which was eliminated. If I recall correctly, the players said the RR format, DDV's idea, should be eliminated, without saying DDV is incompetent.

What's interesting is that players are now finally calling out DDV on his douchery. Check these quotes from here by these players. Federer, Ljubicic, & Davydenko are mild-mannered guys not prone to "beefing", so it's great to see them Schiavoing DDV here. Check the quotes:

Federer: "They don't seem to understand what we have to say, so we would just like to address this issue through the media for a change... This is a scream for help. We're just not happy with the last few months. The players' meeting in Miami was a big disappointment for all of us... We had many issues on the table and we couldn't really discuss them at all. Decisions are being taken very soon for 2009, and we just like to have a little say as well I've had many meetings with ET [Etienne de Villiers]. He listens but then goes and does things his way. I wish he would listen more... We've gone from Mark Miles doing nothing to ET doing too much."

Ljubicic: "It's disappointing to see [Monte Carlo is] going to be downgraded... We don't want it to come to a situation where we say we don't want to play... ET didn't know much tennis when he took the job...He's been willing to learn, but it seems like the advice from those around him has not been that good.... Are they afraid of U.S. tournaments? It was never an idea to touch anything over there. European players are the ones paying the price."

Davydenko: "Players know what players want...We like Monte Carlo. That's why we play it. I don't think ET has even seen our letter... ET says, 'trust me'... He wants too much trust, you can only believe five or ten percent of his decisions."

DDV doesn't want beef with Fed especially! Fed is the Best Sportsman of the Decade & a UN dignitary! I believe Fed could call for DDV to get fired if he wanted to, the Board of Directors would probably follow Fed's suggestion.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

tennis podcast - Artois Championship Podcast

The Artois tournament, in Queens London, is a grass court warmup tournament for Wimbledon.

They have a podcast. Every "fortnight" they have another 1o minute episode. I listened to one, it was interesting. Supposedly in each podcast, among other things, John McEnroe gives a recommendation to improve pro tennis, that he would try to implement were he the "tennis commissioner".

Library Thing

This site Library Thing is supposedly is to books what RYM is to albums. Sounds interesting.

This comedy site Roc-A-Scenes has fake comedy stories skewering all those remotely connected to Roc-A-Fella, especially Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek.

Apparently this site is done as a hobby by some random funny dude. Hopefully he'll start updating it more frequently, but the 13 stories on there are quite funny.

update of the 2007 Playlist

I added these 4 tracks to the 2007 Playlist

4hero - Morning Child

Cilvaringz - Forever Michael Wacko Tablo
note - this song is giving props to the King of Pop M. Jackson

Joss Stone - Bad Habit

Wax Tailor - Positively Inclined