Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin ethered Vol 3: Wasilla citizen Anne Kilkenny

Anne Kilkenny describes Palin as a toxic combination of incompetence & arrogance of WOAT Bush, with a side of Darth Cheney's ruthless dictator steez.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why can't the pundits be more frank on camera?

So check out this tail end of a segment on MSNBC. I should state that over the last few days, I've closely observed the pundits on this channel right here in my hometown, St. Paul, where the Rethugs have taken over the city and the feds, state troopers, city cops from around the region (and country) have turned the place into a police state. But I digress...

Chuck Todd of MSNBC, who I somewhat respect for the analytical skills he brings, was moderating the segment. On as panel guests were Mike Murphy, former McCain advisor and genuine Republican strategist/analyst, and Peggy Noonan, a conservative prima donna that is really fokking annoying. Anyway, Chuck wraps up the segment and lo and behold, somebody in production screws up and decides to leave the mic on and camera recording, right there in the middle of Rice Park (where the crowd consisted of a large number of left of center folks ( - represent St. Paul!). They proceed to detail, without any equivocation, how McCain has royally f*kked himself with the Palin choice.

Why can't we get the real, "gut" level analysis from these pundit types? Or even better yet, get rid of the Noonans, Murphys, Carvilles, and Begalas on these political analysis shows? It's like these so-called "analysts" have such strong ties (and a stake) in the outcome of the election of the day that they can't get themselves to be frank on camera.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GMan's report on RNC protest

EGC has obtained some exclusive news/investigate journalist, to better inform all 5 of my loyal, er occasional readers.

Mpls reporter GMan reports on the RNC protest:

"The concert went well until the end. Rage Against the Machine showed up unannounced with 30 minutes left on the permit the city gave the concert. The police would not let them on stage and cut the power. Tom Morello and the rest of Rage went around the stage in front of the concert goers and performed with a megaphone before starting a huge protest which went down to the Excel. I think the ACLU will end up suing the city for not honoring the permit. Rethuglicans were in the streets talking with the cops and taking pictures on the parade. I took pictures of the rethuglicans, most seem embarassed. Douches."

St Paul police shyt on protestors incl Democracy Now

Greenwald covers this story, that apparently LameStream Media like CNN is ignoring.

Looks like Los Puercos are shyting on 1st & 4th Amendment rights of US citizens. Fock is the US turned into China now, WTF?!

I personally want Obama & McSame to be asked about this. And if they are asked about this fiasco, they better "denounce & reject".

Disgusting. "I thought this was America"

skit: McSame is Palin's beyotch

Anonomo sent me this skit, comedy.

Capitol Hill Gangsta

I stumbled upon this Capitol Hill Gangsta

This college kid is both thought-provoking & comedy. Like a pundit commentator version of Phonte.

Here's his latest clip, which is on Sarah Palin

A provocative take on Wal-Mart

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Open Left

I heard Matt Stoller interviewed on TYT by Cenk, the guy made a lot of sense. For future reference, I'm liking his Open Left & personal blog/sites.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Critiques Of Libertarianism

Critiques Of Libertarianism site, is an interesting commentary on Libertarian political/economic theories.

GILFgate: Saran Palin's infant son is really her grandson

I'm very hesitant to get into National Enquirer-esque stories, but the photos in these daily kos articles (1 2) are DAMNING!

I'm labeling this scandal, where Sarah Palin lies & says her infant grandson is her own son, GILFgate. Pls propagate this term if you wish.

Sara Palin ether Vol 2: Roland Martin

Mark Crispin Miller

Miller's site details WOAT Bush's election fraud.

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

Turns out McSame has been lying about details of his Vietnam POW experience, which he mentions about 4080 times daily. His fellow soldiers tell the truth on this site.

ReThug pundits ether VP Sarah Palin

Even ReThug pundits Pat Buchanan & Joe Scarborough dismiss ReThug VP candidate Sarah Palin as a joke with little experience. Buchanan at least has a track record of his own opinion. Scarborough OTOH, is a ReThug water/weed carrier operative. I'm sure he was thinking to himself "damn, even I can't overhype this spare Palin. Even I have my limits on partisan dumb shyt I will spew".

BTW, I invented a manner to say Sarah Palin's name:

1 Say "Palin" with Spanish-like pronunciation "pa-lin", eg in a manner that rhymes with obscene
2. Say "Sarah Palin" in the sing-songy manner of the saying "n-bomb please". If not familiar with this phrase, watch some youtubes from American black comedians like Dave Chappelle.

McSame comedy, starin' at VP Palin

McCain Unfit To Lead