Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GMan's report on RNC protest

EGC has obtained some exclusive news/investigate journalist, to better inform all 5 of my loyal, er occasional readers.

Mpls reporter GMan reports on the RNC protest:

"The concert went well until the end. Rage Against the Machine showed up unannounced with 30 minutes left on the permit the city gave the concert. The police would not let them on stage and cut the power. Tom Morello and the rest of Rage went around the stage in front of the concert goers and performed with a megaphone before starting a huge protest which went down to the Excel. I think the ACLU will end up suing the city for not honoring the permit. Rethuglicans were in the streets talking with the cops and taking pictures on the parade. I took pictures of the rethuglicans, most seem embarassed. Douches."

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