Monday, September 1, 2008

ReThug pundits ether VP Sarah Palin

Even ReThug pundits Pat Buchanan & Joe Scarborough dismiss ReThug VP candidate Sarah Palin as a joke with little experience. Buchanan at least has a track record of his own opinion. Scarborough OTOH, is a ReThug water/weed carrier operative. I'm sure he was thinking to himself "damn, even I can't overhype this spare Palin. Even I have my limits on partisan dumb shyt I will spew".

BTW, I invented a manner to say Sarah Palin's name:

1 Say "Palin" with Spanish-like pronunciation "pa-lin", eg in a manner that rhymes with obscene
2. Say "Sarah Palin" in the sing-songy manner of the saying "n-bomb please". If not familiar with this phrase, watch some youtubes from American black comedians like Dave Chappelle.

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