Friday, December 14, 2007

What happened with The Young Turks?

FYI, check this disturbing news at TYT website. Some commenters/TYT stans are saying that TYT didn't have their Thurday or Friday show (instead they had re-runs). They're also saying that their's some evidence that TYT is no longer on Air America.

What's odd is that the TYTers including Cenk have not commented on the issue. It seems if there were a simple reason, Cenk would drop a comment on this post clarifying what happened.

I hope they return soon, under whatever company. Cenk is the Roger Federer of political talk show hosts. Cenk needs to keep opening up cans of ether [||] on these criminal ReThuglicans & do-nothing lame Democrats.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Foreign Exchange, meet Foreign Exchange


Foreign Exchange (FE1) is an excellent rap duo, composed of IMHO the best rapper of 2007 Phonte, & a great innovative Dutch producer named Nicolay.

Foreign Exchange released IMHO the best album of 2004, Connected (possibly tied with Kanye West's The College Dropout.

Just now I randomly see on Link TV, that Fareed Zakaria has bitten Phonte & Nicolay's name, to have a 30-minute international news/commentary show, also called Foreign Exchange (FE2) It's similar, yet superior to Nightline.

So I just suggested on Zakaria's FE2 website, to consider using FE1's track "Brave New World" as their show intro. Phonte's lyrics are highly relevant to FE2's subject matter, however it would work for FE2 whether they used the instrumental or regular version of the song.

Hey it seems only right if FE2 is gonna jack FE1's name, they should play a FE1 song, right?

Critical Path

This professor's website shows an example on how to calculate the Critical Path (CP) of a project, with a combination of a spreadsheet, & calculator "engine" to calculate the CP.

A friend of mine needed help in prioritizing which courses to take for their BS degree. I used this website to verify the CP I initially had "eyeballed on pen & paper". I then prioritized their suggested order of which classed to take based on the CP.

Playlist audio player for a blog

I've been waiting for Divshare to offer playlist functionality, whereby 1 could play a specific Divshare folder of mp3s as a playlist on a blog page. Divshare support e-mailed me 6 wks go saying "it's coming soon", not sure what that means. I can't complain, as Divshare is a free service that actually replies to customer support questions, LOL.

In the meanwhile, Belize pointed out that a method exists to host playlists on a blog.

Monday, December 10, 2007

spreadsheet templates

This site has free spreadsheet templates in Excel