Friday, December 14, 2007

What happened with The Young Turks?

FYI, check this disturbing news at TYT website. Some commenters/TYT stans are saying that TYT didn't have their Thurday or Friday show (instead they had re-runs). They're also saying that their's some evidence that TYT is no longer on Air America.

What's odd is that the TYTers including Cenk have not commented on the issue. It seems if there were a simple reason, Cenk would drop a comment on this post clarifying what happened.

I hope they return soon, under whatever company. Cenk is the Roger Federer of political talk show hosts. Cenk needs to keep opening up cans of ether [||] on these criminal ReThuglicans & do-nothing lame Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Check the website again (the first hour of today's 3 PM show). The news is that TYT will be leaving AAR (which is great, in my opinion). Cenk alluded to "talking too much" for AAR, i.e. the AAR mgmt didn't like him criticizing the punkbiatch Dems for doing nothing. Cenk mentioned that TYT and Brave New Films will be having some other arrangement in the future. I.e., TYT of ol' - less commercials, more Cenk losing it, less self-censoring.


- AnĂ³nomo

Anonymous said...

The show is to far left even for Airhead America!

If you liked the show you should re-think your life, you are a radical far left loon!

Anonymous said...

And it takes a far right loon to make that judgement.