Monday, December 17, 2007

Chris Dodd, defender of the Rule of Law

Sen. Chris Dodd, & the few other Senators & activists who supported him, are real American heros for preventing a bill which would give immunity to telecommunication companies for breaking the law by spying on Americans without a FISA court approval.

In these Gee Dubbz years, I often find myself saying "Damn, I thought this was America" (c) Randy from South Park. Today, for once, it's the reverse, more like "Damn, today it actually IS still America".

Some accounts of today's events
The Nation
Crooks & Liars
The Young Turks (commenter Anonomo says they're back up in this beyotch!")


Truth Hunter said...

Chris Dodd is a good choice, but doubt he'll make much of a splash in Iowa.

In Iowa a candidate must have 15% of the votes in that caucus to be "viable".... those supporting nonviable candidates must then support another candidate that is viable or not vote. I always caucus but my first choice is rarely viable and I must thus throw support to another candidate.

Perhaps this year all of the nonviables can group together under one candidate who didn't make the 15% cut.... like Biden or Dodd. We'll see, I'll do my best.

amanda said...

gotta love those telecom companies.
and that Patriot Act. Oh yeah, where would I be without that thing?

oh, right, living in a non-Police state. What a concept!

keep spittin the real shit, egc.

BELIZE said...

Chris Todd's finger scares me

Anonymous said...

I think the "nonviable" votes ought to group for Richardson. This man says "troops out of Iraq within one yr", has real experience on energy issues, real-deal experience on foreign policy stuff, and a governor of a significant state where there are a lot of independents AND Latinos - both growing demographics.

We need somebody like Richardson in the White House, even if as a Vice Pres.