Saturday, March 24, 2007

Clerks 2

Clerks 2 review 4/5

It's hilarious, tremendously un-politically correct, and also has some social commentary.

Stream Ripper

A friend put me on to this open source app Stream Ripper. He says you use it to record internet radio, which you can then listen to the tracks you like on your iPod.

Sounds compelling, but my mp3 backlog is so immense I probably won't try out.

Friday, March 23, 2007

USA metro areas

Interesting list of the USA metro areas. When someone talks about city size, this is the figure I care to see, the MSA (metropolitan statistical area) or if relevant the larger CSA (combined stat area).

It's amazing that some areas, already large at like 3M+ are still growing 10%+ from 2000 to 2005.

Peep how St. Cloud, 65 miles from Minneapolis, is now part of the Twin Cities aka MSP aka NMWS (Northern MidWestSide) capital.

Carlos Mencia "Dee Dee Dee" song

Carlos Mencia "Dee Dee Dee" song

interesting list of 100 most influential people in history

interesting list of 100 most influential people in history by Michael H. Hart

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vince Spadea freestlye rap

Vince Spadea is an American tennis player, ranked #73 in singles in 2006. The dude is unique, check out the Spadea's stream of consciousness steez freestyle rap", which sucks but is comedy.

blogger Billy Sunday ethers Little Wayne

XXL blogger Billy Sunday deconstructs MC Lil Wayne in this post.

Due to reading a good online review, I listened to Wayne's 2005 album Carter 2. I found it very mediocre, I give it a 2/5 rating. The beats were mediocre. Wayne's rapping was OK at best. The guy has a high-pitched annoying voice. The flow is good, but not top-tier. The subject matter is extremely boring, brag & drug-kingpin raps. Not that it matters, but it's impossible that Wayne has any credibility as a drug mafioso since dude was like 15 when he was "adopted" by his "father" "Baby" aka "Birdman", who immediately pimped him as a rapper. Wayne surely must have improved since when he was started at 15, I don't know since I never listened to any of his other stuff. However, Wayne is not a top-tier MC.

All of this in & of itself would fine. The problem is these annoying following points of world-class douchery from "Weezy":

1 He claims ad nauseum, "talking point" style, to be the "best rapper alive", when he's nowhere close. If arrogant dudes whose competence was mediocre did this in other fields, you might see Stephon Marbury claiming to be the world's best basketball player, or Keanu Reeves claiming to be the best actor.

2 He claims to be born in 1982, when per Sunday, he got busted for possessing drugs in ATL, his online police report showed 1979. Oops!

3 He keeps claiming superiority over other MCs, such as Jay-Z or Clipse, only to flip-flop & backpedal when those top-tier MCs verbally confront Layme.

4 He has a legion of stans that parrot his ridic talking point, Rush Limbaugh dittohead style.

5 His stans have come to put Little Layme as representing "The South" or "80s babies". They then fall to the association fallacy claiming that criticizing Weezy equals "hating" on the South & all folks born in the 1980s. Of course, the last point is ironic as the Layme was actually born in 1979.

These Layme doucheries invoke a need for a public Schiavoing, which Sunday provides.

BTW, I'd love to see an actual top-tier MC, such as Black Thought, Chino XL, The Game, Phonte, Termanology, any of 50 other good MCs, etc "battle" Layme in a TV freestyle battle for charity. The Schiavoing would be epic.

Extreme no Weezy Fa-go Baby disclaimer, & no WWE false "beef" disclaimer, on this whole post.

a decent Top50 MC list from Henry Adaso

a decent Top50 MC list from Henry Adaso, covering the years 1987-2007. I skimmed it quickly, it seems very balanced among different attributes including eras, geography, mainstream vs. underground. Far better than the nonsense list MTV and some other MSM talking heads create.

US music CD sales down 20%

US music CD sales down 20% in 07Q1 v 06Q1

ATP kills the Round Robin format

The ATP decided to kill the round robin format

LOL at ATP CEO and douche-bag Etienne de Villiers calling "round robin an experiment".

No, Douche de Villiers (DDV), you changed the rules, it was a fiasco, and then you "back-pedalled" or "flip-flopped" to the original knockout format once many players & the media all complained round robin was a cluster-fock.

The ATP was using a 3-man, 2-match round robin format in the 1st round of some minor tournament this year.

There was the fiasco in the Las Vegas tourney in the group of Blake (photo), del Potro, & Korolev. From SteveG
Juan Martin del Potro (ARG) d. Evgueni Korolev (RUS) 6-3 6-2
Evgueni Korolev (RUS) d. James Blake (USA) 6-2 6-4
(1)James Blake (USA) d. Juan Martin del Potro (ARG) 6-1 3-1 ret.

del Potro was hurt in his match and had to quit ("retire" from the match). However Blake was Schiavoing del Potro 61 31 and would have won in 10 more minutes 61. Any way all 3 players would have been tied with 1 win & 1 loss in the group. Only 1 player gets to advance to the quarterfinal round. The tiebreaking rules were such that by del Potro retiring, Korolev advances, but if del Potro could've tanked 3 more games over 10 minutes & completed the match, Blake would have advanced.

This system was too awkward to last.

I just hope if DDV insists on further "experiments", he has the sense to "pilot" them on the Challenger circuit, which is the top "minor leagues" of the ATP tour, analogous to AAA baseball or Division 2 futbol. By doing this, the risk is minimized. I thought all corporate CEOs know about "piloting new business processes" initially on a small scale. Ever hear of "walk before you run"? I know, too much to expect from an arrogant incompetent like DDV.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

article - Giuliani = authoritarian narcissist

Salon article on Giuliani.

Giuliani is a horrible candidate for 2008 President.

I want to strongly vote against Giuliani, while at the same time I don't feel strongly about voting for any particular candidate.

Don't know too much about Giuliani's policies, that's not what offends me.

The guy's work experience doesn't bother me either. Being a mayor of NYC is an impressive job for domestic experience. Also since NYC is so international, it actually has some foreign experience element as well, considering the 9/11 attacks, and relations with the UN Headquarters.

What offends me about Giuliani is that he's an AUTHORITARIAN EGOMANIAC.

After 8 yrs of "The Decider" Gee Dubbz, what we Americans need the most is a President who restores the rule of law, respects the US Constitution, habeas corpus, and respect the Separation of Powers and the equal power of the Judiciary & Legislative branches of government to their Executive branch.

It seems that from this article that Giuliani could be the worst of Gee Dubbz (egomaniac, power hungry) & Dick Cheney (smart evil guy, supporting unlimited dictator-style power for the President) combined in one sociopath evil man.

I almost feel like fake-registering as a Republican to vote for McCain in the primary just to help eliminate Giuliani. Unfortunately, my bro Lucho reminded me that the first few primary states decide the nomination anyways, & I don't live in any of those states.

Giuliani is a real threat to win. Even though the primaries are almost a year away, current polls suggest that Giuliani may win.

He's sonning the Republican nominees, leading the 2nd place candidate McCain by 40% - 20%.

In the hypothetical general election, he daughters Hillary Clinton 47-43, and is statistical tie to Obama 43-44.

Bottom line, fwd this article to your friends, tell folks about Giuliani, especially those that vote but don't really follow politics.

Bottom line, Giuliani is a dick (pause), we as Americans, hell the world for that matter, can't afford another 4+ years of a wanna-be dictator.

Even Tiger admits that Fed > Tiger, at least in 2006

More proof that Federer = Sportsman of the Decade. From the linked article

"...When Woods was chosen AP Athlete of the Year in 2006, he said his achievements were exceeded by Federer's."

So many top-tier athletes are such egomaniacs, that if Tiger is admitting his sonning by Fed, geez how is it even up for debate anymore?

Godwin's Law

Some guy Godwin invented this law, which is comedy & yet so true

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one"

Also a FAQ about the law.

I would modestly suggest that the law could be extended, to some type of logarithmic Richter scale type construct, where a Nazi label would get an extreme maximum 10 rating, but along the way other various ad hominem insults such as

gay (and all derogatory synonyms)

would be incorporated on the "Godwin scale".

Perhaps this could be a research project that someone could take up, consider this post as free consulting.

US Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH) on Iraq War

Daily Kos link to the US Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH) on Iraq War. World class political ether here.

Ryan is a stand-up dude, hopefully he can be a presidential candidate or other major leader in the future.

parody of Jay-Z HP commercial

If you've seen the real HP commercial, & have listened to any Jay-Z album, this is hilarious

Jill from The Young Turks Schiavos Pope Bennedict

Jill from The Young Turks Schiavos Pope Bennedict

Giuliani propaganda exposed

Giuliani propaganda exposed

article on Giuliani & the Fundy Xian vote

Glenn Greenwald article on Giuliani & the Fundy Xian portion of the Republican primary voters.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Self-replicating spacecraft

fascinating concept of self-replicating spacecraft

Immortal Technique freestyle

Immortal Technique goes off here on this concert freestyle, in both rap flow & subject matter, specifically a political ethering of the finest caliber.

I don't agree with everything IT (or nearly anyone for that matter) says, but I enjoy hearing his political raps. IT has enormous nuts (nhjic) for telling how he sees it in this age of Gee Dubbz & all of his dictator, suspending habeus corpus type steez ways. IT gives an opinion you won't find anywhere else in the mainstream media or mainstream music.

article "Bush Debt & the Legacy of Robin Hood in Reverse"

interesting article by Hans Johnson. The American Dream has been eroding somewhat for the Average Joe for a while, but times were good economically for most American under Bill Clinton

Gee Dubbz Bush has been attacking us regular Joe & Jane Americans though in the 2000s.

editorial - sad 4-yr anniversary of Iraq war

The Iraq War is now 4 years old. Note the photo above where Gee Dubbz claims "Mission Accomplished" in 2003

Iraq had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda. Hussein was a sociopath dictator murderer, but not an Al-Qaeda sympathizer. Hussein was a secular Sunni, Al-Qaeda is Sunni but extremist religious crazies. Think of the craziest American Fundy Xian X10, & with bombs, that's "Fundy Muslims", & that's Al-Qaeda.

Iraq is a cluster-fock civil war of the different groups battling for power. What's worse is that there's evidence that Saudi Arabia is funding the Sunnis & Iran the Shiites, so it's gonna be hard to stop the Iraqi civil war. This only helps Al-Qaeda, since the US is taking the eye of the ball of the real threat.

What about Osama Bin Laden? He's chillin out in Pakistan & Gee Dubbz hasn't captured him yet.

What about the "loose nuclear material" in Russia & the other former USSR countries that are poorly accounted for & poorly guarded? Why don't we spend whatever it takes & put say 4 of the best US Marine ninja type cats to each warehouse guarding this material?

What about actual homeland security? The airports had "some improvement" since 911 was due to planes, but marine ports, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, etc have had no real improvement & are vulnerable

I don't know why the Democrats are so bitch-made & horrible at campaigning. They should pound the portion of Americans who are apathetic & don't know what's up, in the head with all these obvious failures of GeeDubbz Bush & the ReThuglicans with respect to to Al-Qaeda & homeland security.

editorial on police unethical behavior

The dude I Fux has and editorial on unethical police behavior, including a racist incident that happened to his family in Utah basically for "driving while being brown" (Mexican American & Kurdish).

I think that those that are 100% one side or the other are wrong, eg "Fuck The Police" (NWA) vs "Friends of the police, support the troops" (right wing douche-bags like Sean Hannity).

I have an uncle who is a police. That guy is a standup dude, I'm sure in his town/suburb the community is well served where he happens to be a sheriff.

Basically I think that every situation is unique, and that like for humans in general, for the police there is:
1 a majority of apathetic douche-bags that really don't care about helping the community, it's just a job. OTOH this group isn't genuinely evil either.

2 a minority (maybe 20%) of good-hearted, altruistic cops who are in the police profession to genuinely serve the community.

3 a smaller minority of evil dudes that are sociopaths, and criminals with a badge, such as the officers that continued to savagely beat Rodney King after dude was obviously on the ground & posed no danger to anyone.

I think the show "The Wire" is probably a very accurate representation of real police forces.

Talib Kweli has an interesting take on the police expressed on the track "The Proud" from his excellent 2002 album "Quality"

Monday, March 19, 2007


The east coast is obviously the best region for rap. But the 2nd best region is obviously the West-Side!, specifically California. Especially if you include the artists that aren't rap, but have some rap steez & influence in their music, like Ozomatli, Linkin Park/Fort Minor, Rage Against the Machine, Santana, & The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

But forget that & just focus on the "strictly rap" artists. If you count mainstream & underground, Cali NEVER FELL OFF son. Check all the quality rap artists, & note I'm only including those with an album released since 2004, to limit to what "the West is doing currently":

Cypress Hill
Delinquent Habits
Dilated Peoples
Ice Cube
Jurassic 5
The Alchemist
The Coup
The Game
Zion I

comedy - the new Apple IRack

Mad TV skit where the Fake Steve Jobs introduces his new product, the Apple IRack

James Dobson

Interesting NPR audio interview of Dan Gilgoff about James Dobson & his effect on the "Fundy Xian" community, and in turn their effect on Repub party.

Gilgoff claims that Dobson's "Focus on the Family" group influenced enough Ohio voters to give Ohio to Gee Dubbz in the 2004 Pres election, & in turn that gave the election to Dubbz.

Gilgoff also notes that Dobson will have a big impact on who the 2008 Pres Repub nominee is

Gilgoff also claims that Dobson (born in 1936) can't continue indefinitely, & thinks that his movement will die out with him, and no one can succeed him from his org & keep it movin.

For the sake of our country I pray that Gilgoff is right about that!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Indian Wells Champion = Nadal

Well I was absolutely wrong in my picks of the Indian Wells Final 4. I picked both SFs wrong!

Rafa sonned A-Rod (see photo - mild no John Amechi disclaimer though for Rafa) in SF1, while Young Djok took out the Great Scot Murray in SF2. It turns out Murray was not really in playing shape, due to injury sustained in the prior QF match v Haas, which was a 3rd set tiebreaker thriller finish which each dude having 2 MPs (match points) in the 'breaka.

In the final just now I see on my internets scoreboard that in the Final Rafa sonned Djokovic 62 75.

Rafa maintains GOHG (Greatest of his Generation) status, of the mid & late "80s babies". This win should silence his "haters" that claim he's a "clay court specialist". No doubt clay is his best surface, but reaching the Wimby final on grass, and winning 3 hard court Masters shields, demonstrates world class competence on fast courts also.

Young Djok will enter the Top10 of the ranking off the strength of his final appearance. Novak "ain't no Djoke" (c) Rakim.

This match was a battle of the Mid&Late80s babies generation. Rafa & Djok are the 2 highest ranked players from this talented generation, which also contains Murray, Berdych, Gasquet, Monfils, Querrey & Almagro. These young dudes form this generation that may have a chance to take the #1 spot once Fed, aka the Sportsman of the Decade, starts falling off some due to age, since these younglings have a 5+ yr youth edge on The Mighty Fed.

Although Fed is so ill that I wouldn't be surprised if he holds on to the #1 spot (no Ludacris) for another 5 years to age 30, at which point a 90s baby takes over. You read it here first!