Monday, March 19, 2007

James Dobson

Interesting NPR audio interview of Dan Gilgoff about James Dobson & his effect on the "Fundy Xian" community, and in turn their effect on Repub party.

Gilgoff claims that Dobson's "Focus on the Family" group influenced enough Ohio voters to give Ohio to Gee Dubbz in the 2004 Pres election, & in turn that gave the election to Dubbz.

Gilgoff also notes that Dobson will have a big impact on who the 2008 Pres Repub nominee is

Gilgoff also claims that Dobson (born in 1936) can't continue indefinitely, & thinks that his movement will die out with him, and no one can succeed him from his org & keep it movin.

For the sake of our country I pray that Gilgoff is right about that!

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