Wednesday, March 21, 2007

article - Giuliani = authoritarian narcissist

Salon article on Giuliani.

Giuliani is a horrible candidate for 2008 President.

I want to strongly vote against Giuliani, while at the same time I don't feel strongly about voting for any particular candidate.

Don't know too much about Giuliani's policies, that's not what offends me.

The guy's work experience doesn't bother me either. Being a mayor of NYC is an impressive job for domestic experience. Also since NYC is so international, it actually has some foreign experience element as well, considering the 9/11 attacks, and relations with the UN Headquarters.

What offends me about Giuliani is that he's an AUTHORITARIAN EGOMANIAC.

After 8 yrs of "The Decider" Gee Dubbz, what we Americans need the most is a President who restores the rule of law, respects the US Constitution, habeas corpus, and respect the Separation of Powers and the equal power of the Judiciary & Legislative branches of government to their Executive branch.

It seems that from this article that Giuliani could be the worst of Gee Dubbz (egomaniac, power hungry) & Dick Cheney (smart evil guy, supporting unlimited dictator-style power for the President) combined in one sociopath evil man.

I almost feel like fake-registering as a Republican to vote for McCain in the primary just to help eliminate Giuliani. Unfortunately, my bro Lucho reminded me that the first few primary states decide the nomination anyways, & I don't live in any of those states.

Giuliani is a real threat to win. Even though the primaries are almost a year away, current polls suggest that Giuliani may win.

He's sonning the Republican nominees, leading the 2nd place candidate McCain by 40% - 20%.

In the hypothetical general election, he daughters Hillary Clinton 47-43, and is statistical tie to Obama 43-44.

Bottom line, fwd this article to your friends, tell folks about Giuliani, especially those that vote but don't really follow politics.

Bottom line, Giuliani is a dick (pause), we as Americans, hell the world for that matter, can't afford another 4+ years of a wanna-be dictator.

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