Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Immortal Technique freestyle

Immortal Technique goes off here on this concert freestyle, in both rap flow & subject matter, specifically a political ethering of the finest caliber.

I don't agree with everything IT (or nearly anyone for that matter) says, but I enjoy hearing his political raps. IT has enormous nuts (nhjic) for telling how he sees it in this age of Gee Dubbz & all of his dictator, suspending habeus corpus type steez ways. IT gives an opinion you won't find anywhere else in the mainstream media or mainstream music.


I Fux said...

Ya NMB dude is pretty nice but I prefer Dead Prez's political ramblings better cuz there beats bang hard, No Ron Jeremy............I agree with you for the most part on the Cop thing I just find it a total waist handing out tickets for random dumb shit........Hey speaking of Kweli dont you feel that he sort of has fell of since Quality as far as album wise, his voice bores me attimes........although the Beautiful Mix CD Mixtape was dope

elgringocolombiano said...

^sup I Fux,

I haven't really checked Dead Prez, except for the M-1 2006 solo, which had mediocre beats so I tossed it. Recall I rate many albums on RYM so you can check for my album ratings there

I Technique beats from his 2 albums are mediocre - a few great ones but many meh. However IT's political subject matter, unique voice, & dece rap flow make his albums dece despite the beats. IT should connect with Just Blaze or DJ Premier & try to make an Illmatic-length classic album.

Kweli's beats have fallen off noticeably since "Quality", his rapping is still top quality though. Actually 05's "Right About Now" was very good. I hope "Eardrum" which is supposed to drop in 07 will be excellent.