Tuesday, March 20, 2007

editorial - sad 4-yr anniversary of Iraq war

The Iraq War is now 4 years old. Note the photo above where Gee Dubbz claims "Mission Accomplished" in 2003

Iraq had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda. Hussein was a sociopath dictator murderer, but not an Al-Qaeda sympathizer. Hussein was a secular Sunni, Al-Qaeda is Sunni but extremist religious crazies. Think of the craziest American Fundy Xian X10, & with bombs, that's "Fundy Muslims", & that's Al-Qaeda.

Iraq is a cluster-fock civil war of the different groups battling for power. What's worse is that there's evidence that Saudi Arabia is funding the Sunnis & Iran the Shiites, so it's gonna be hard to stop the Iraqi civil war. This only helps Al-Qaeda, since the US is taking the eye of the ball of the real threat.

What about Osama Bin Laden? He's chillin out in Pakistan & Gee Dubbz hasn't captured him yet.

What about the "loose nuclear material" in Russia & the other former USSR countries that are poorly accounted for & poorly guarded? Why don't we spend whatever it takes & put say 4 of the best US Marine ninja type cats to each warehouse guarding this material?

What about actual homeland security? The airports had "some improvement" since 911 was due to planes, but marine ports, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, etc have had no real improvement & are vulnerable

I don't know why the Democrats are so bitch-made & horrible at campaigning. They should pound the portion of Americans who are apathetic & don't know what's up, in the head with all these obvious failures of GeeDubbz Bush & the ReThuglicans with respect to to Al-Qaeda & homeland security.

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Anonymous said...

High amounts of douchery, indeed. Biachossified behaviors from the Democrats.