Friday, August 22, 2008

Making Sense 2008

Progressive group Campaign for America's Future has a free pdf book Making Sense 2008 discussing the most discussing issues/policies.

opinion on US demography & the Olympics

Ruben Navarrette opinion on US demography & the Olympics

Thursday, August 21, 2008

article on acutaries in insurance vs home mortgage

Star Tribune article on how actuaries run analysis in the insurance industry, but no such analysis was done in home mortgage industry. Hence no surprise that a closter fock occurred in the later.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Micheal Phelps pwned the Olympics

I've been following the Olympics some, but mainly tennis, & some random highlights of other sports like football, team handball, & table tennis, thanks to the awesome streaming internets.

I Wikipedia Mike Phelps because I read that he's putting up ridiculoid performances.

Damn, the stats are insane! 8 events (5 individual, 3 4-man team events), 8 gold medals, 7 of them being World Records! On the 100 m butterfly, dude "slacked" & got only an Olympic Record instead of the WR.

I'm about to say something shocking, given my inherently reasonable Federer stan stauts. Well, most hardcore tennis fans are fellow Federer stans, & many of the greats like John McEnroe already give Fed tennis GOAT status.

I'm gonna put Phelps as currently tied with Fed for Athlete of the 2000s Decade (AD) status. Fed has been running away with the AD, but I can't front on Phelps. There's still 18 months left in the decade, let's see what happens.

Oh what about Tiger Woods? Golfer, please. Phelps & Fed are real athletes, in Olympic sports, where you exert mad cardio & cannot wear a Corporate Uniform/Sunday church clothes to compete in. To put a golfer up as AD is an oxymoron.

BTW, speaking of Fed stans, Fed won the doubles gold medal with fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka, defeating serious doubles teams, like India's Paes/Bhupathi in the QF, & US' Bryan Bros in the SF. It would be great if Fed played doubles at the big Grand Slam tourneys, he could further pad his GS title stats that way.