Thursday, March 18, 2010

8 Switch

saw this funk cover band 8 Switch yesterday.

Dope show.  Remind me of Orange Whip, insofar as they play long 2-3 hours & bring great energy, have 1 lead female, physically small, singer with huge strong voice; & a bunch of dudes.  8 Switch's focus is 70s funk like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire.  Also similar to OW, 8S did maybe 15% hip hop songs also, Notorious BIG's "Big Poppa" & Young MC "Bust a Move".  I see 8S site says they also have 1 self-titled album for sale with their original funk songs.

8 Switch advantage might be that the instrumentalists "go in" more on solos, & they have horn instrumentalists.  OW's advantage is that they cover more ground, 70s - 10s pop, broadly, from ZZ Top to Dr Dre/Snoop Dogg to Billy Joel to Duran Duran (song list).  So with OW prolly any of your homies will enjoy something they play, whereas 8S folks would have to not dislike funk music.  But for me they're both great, you can't go wrong with either.

BJ Services Company

Looking through the list of companies in global stock index, VT, Vanguard Total World Stock ETF which tracks the FTSE All-World Index.  BTW, this is a great idea, it covers ~2700 comapnies in 46 countries, developed & emerging in every populated continent.  Basically it only excludes tiny & non-tiny "frontier" or other risky countries that don't have "mature" stock markets.

Anyways,I randomly noticed there's a US oil services company in the VT index called BJ Services Company, stock ticker BJS .  LOLz!  I'm surprised some type of vulture capitalist like Govenor Bittsch Romney , private equity firm, etc, doesn't

1 buy 50% of the company to get "controlling interest" to run thangs

2 split off the oil biz with a separate company name/stock ticker

3 relocate to Vegas or some other place where prostitution is decriminalized or legal.

4 Actually provide "bj services"

Doing so would surely increase the P/E ratio.  Price to earnings, get ur mind outta the gutter!  Altho it would surely increase the penis ejaculations ratio also.  [||]