Thursday, March 18, 2010

BJ Services Company

Looking through the list of companies in global stock index, VT, Vanguard Total World Stock ETF which tracks the FTSE All-World Index.  BTW, this is a great idea, it covers ~2700 comapnies in 46 countries, developed & emerging in every populated continent.  Basically it only excludes tiny & non-tiny "frontier" or other risky countries that don't have "mature" stock markets.

Anyways,I randomly noticed there's a US oil services company in the VT index called BJ Services Company, stock ticker BJS .  LOLz!  I'm surprised some type of vulture capitalist like Govenor Bittsch Romney , private equity firm, etc, doesn't

1 buy 50% of the company to get "controlling interest" to run thangs

2 split off the oil biz with a separate company name/stock ticker

3 relocate to Vegas or some other place where prostitution is decriminalized or legal.

4 Actually provide "bj services"

Doing so would surely increase the P/E ratio.  Price to earnings, get ur mind outta the gutter!  Altho it would surely increase the penis ejaculations ratio also.  [||]

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