Saturday, March 13, 2010

G Greenwald article - Dems are fronting on Public Option

Glenn Greenwald breaks it down as u-sual.

This is really disappointing.  Supposedly Adam Green/Progressive Change Campaign Comittee has 41 Senators who signed paperwork claiming to vote for a Public Option.  Huffington Post Ryan Grim article claims Obama could pressure 12 additional Dem Sens to get 53 votes, based off of these Sens' prior statements wrt Public Option, & would only need 9 of these 12 to get to 50 Sens & win the vote (VP Joe The Biden is a tiebreaker when Senate ties 50-50).

So Obama COULD get the Public Option if he actually WANTED it?  Obama is 2X worse than Liebermann.

You know how Dems usually clown closeted gay ReThugs like Larry Craig?  The rationale, which I agree with, is the Hypocrisy Rule.  Craig, Mark Foley, Rev Ted Haggard, etc are hardcore anti-equal rights for gays, when they themselves are gheys.

To be fair, I think it's way past time to apply the Hypocrisy Rule on fake-ass Cartel Corporatist Whore Dems like Obama & Liebermann.  ReThugs don't front that they are for the average Jane.  ReThugs clearly state themselves Big Cartel Corporate Whores, no ReThug hypocrisy here.  But Cartel Dems like Obama pretend & campaign for the economic issues of the Average Jane & Joe voter, when really they continually defecate on Avg Jane & sellout in backroom non-Cspan'd televised deals with Wall Street, Pharma, Heath Ins, etc.  I call Hypocrisy, I call BS.

The sad thing is that real Progressive leadership ala FD Roosevelt or or TD Roosevelt or LB Johnson looks unlikely until Jan 2017 at the EARLIEST, assuming Obama isn't gonna magically turn Progressive, nor is it likely Obama could be primary challenged in 2012.  So it's either Obama, Romney, or another even worse ReThug as Pres until 2017.  The country has excessive multiple problems to wait until 2017 for adult & Progressive Fed Gov governance to fix this mess.  W T F.  Perhaps I should holler at a girl with Canada or EU citizenship?  Only half-kidding.

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