Friday, August 8, 2008

Edwards has heezos in different area codes

Turns out John Edwards has a mistress.

Thankfully Edwards lost in the Dem nomination race. McSame would prolly sonn Edwards.

Not to be a jerk, but as powerful/popular as Edwards is, I'm surprised his mistress is a 5/10 like Rielle Hunter. Eds is on that B Clinton steez it seems.

Well McSame has had affairs originally with his current wife Cindy McSame while he was married to his 1st wife who stuck with him through his Vietnam imprisonment, & prolly then years later cheated on Cindy with Vicky Iseman.

But IOKIYAR rules the media, & the right-wing LameStream Media is McSame's base, biased towards McCain & negative on Obama. Plus ReThugs are good at negative campaigning dirt on Dems, Dems are horrible at hurling dirt at ReThugs.

I hope Obama doesn't eff around with a mistress. Obama won't get the IOKIYAR pass from McSame's Media. Obama will need an iron will, as dimes like Harry Berry, Scarlett Johansson, & "Obama Girl" are all heavy Obama stans. If Bill Clinton were in Obama's shoes, he would already boned 5 of these "stanlitas". B Clinton stayed boning 4/10 women like Monica Lewinsky, no way could he resist 10/10s like H Berry.

I hope Michelle Obama is breaking off B Obama as much as he wants, or at least 3x/week. Working non-stop with 4 hrs sleep for months on end must be very stressful & tiring. Some sexual healing + brains are very useful in relieving the stress.

No misogynist jic on this post.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

man races zebra

This is absurd, yet interesting. Track sprinter Shawn Crawford runs 100m dash against animals.

Crawford beats the giraffe, but gets sonned by a Zebra.

Dude, people are good thinkers, but we will get sonned by animals on physical contests.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

running shoes: Reebok Boyleston Trail

I know some of yall or sneaker guru/fanatics, or running enthusiasts. Help me out. Did I win or lose here? What's your take (no Jim Rome)? Pls pontificate in the comments.

I've been walking or running in my neighborhood for exercise lately, since I've been too busy to play much tennis these days.

I went to the local Kohl's & they had about 20 diff types of running shoes, altho some were out of stock in my 10.5 size.

They had these Reebok Boyleston Trail, orig $59, on sale for $29. They seemed dece enough & comfortable when trying them on, so I was like "fock it, do it live" (no Bile O'Really), & copped. At home I searched the internets for user reviews, I couldn't really find much. I went for 3 walks or runs so far, comfortable with no blisters/problems.

I figure these Reeboks are dece enough for generic run/walk exercise. If later on I happen to get hardcore into running where I start doing 5K or 10Ks often, I figure I can research the market better, & get some serious running shoes, prolly having to buy from an internet retailer for selection & price (prolly around $100?). Currently I average 1 or 2 5K races per year, I'm not a hardcore runner or an enthusiast.

Flava Flav & Ted Kennedy boned Bile O'Really's wife

B Crawford reports some real life comedy.

Flava Flav & Ted Kennedy supposedly each were playing with the punani of this woman Maureen McPhilmy, before Bile O'Really wifed her up.

So maybe this is the secret reason Bile hates hip hop & progressive Democrats. Maureen prolly complains Bile's "pipe game" ain't up to Flava or Ted's level, nhjic.

Another point, these 3 dudes seemingly have extremely mutually different personalities, different "types". Is it possible for this Maureen to ever say a dude is "not her type".

I hope Bile O's nemesi (or is it nemesisis?) "Nazzzz" & Ludacris holler at Maureen, add-on to the comedy for us, & grief for Bile-O!

McCain's racist jokes

McCain tells racist jokes.

Obama is pulling a Kerry so far, going easy on McCain, while McCain hurls all type of ad hominems on Obama.

Obama needs a STRONG ATTACK DOG surrogate/weed carrier to hit McCain hard, starting yesterday.

If Obama goes out like a punk biatch Kerry, I might punch a hole in a wall. This country can't take 4 more years of incompetent Corporate ReThuglican policies, led by bottom-of-the class dumbasses like WOAT Bush or McSame.