Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flava Flav & Ted Kennedy boned Bile O'Really's wife

B Crawford reports some real life comedy.

Flava Flav & Ted Kennedy supposedly each were playing with the punani of this woman Maureen McPhilmy, before Bile O'Really wifed her up.

So maybe this is the secret reason Bile hates hip hop & progressive Democrats. Maureen prolly complains Bile's "pipe game" ain't up to Flava or Ted's level, nhjic.

Another point, these 3 dudes seemingly have extremely mutually different personalities, different "types". Is it possible for this Maureen to ever say a dude is "not her type".

I hope Bile O's nemesi (or is it nemesisis?) "Nazzzz" & Ludacris holler at Maureen, add-on to the comedy for us, & grief for Bile-O!

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