Wednesday, August 6, 2008

running shoes: Reebok Boyleston Trail

I know some of yall or sneaker guru/fanatics, or running enthusiasts. Help me out. Did I win or lose here? What's your take (no Jim Rome)? Pls pontificate in the comments.

I've been walking or running in my neighborhood for exercise lately, since I've been too busy to play much tennis these days.

I went to the local Kohl's & they had about 20 diff types of running shoes, altho some were out of stock in my 10.5 size.

They had these Reebok Boyleston Trail, orig $59, on sale for $29. They seemed dece enough & comfortable when trying them on, so I was like "fock it, do it live" (no Bile O'Really), & copped. At home I searched the internets for user reviews, I couldn't really find much. I went for 3 walks or runs so far, comfortable with no blisters/problems.

I figure these Reeboks are dece enough for generic run/walk exercise. If later on I happen to get hardcore into running where I start doing 5K or 10Ks often, I figure I can research the market better, & get some serious running shoes, prolly having to buy from an internet retailer for selection & price (prolly around $100?). Currently I average 1 or 2 5K races per year, I'm not a hardcore runner or an enthusiast.

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Dallas said...

The key to trail shoes is whether or not they are water resistant.

Under $30 is a score on almost any level.