Friday, September 19, 2008

Ellen Brown opinion, derivatives caused bank failures

Ellen Brown opines that financial derivatives were the cause of the recent financial instituion failures, like AIG, Lehman, etc.

Some Government regulation, which is actually applied by the regulators & not just on the books but toothless, is necessary to prevent these Corporate Welfare rip-offs. How is that not obvious to ReThuglicans?

Don't Wait in 08

this is a local Atlanta metro effort to encourage advance voting, since apparently Georgia is notorious for long lines & other nonsense on election day.

GILF PalInsane = Liar

Thursday, September 18, 2008

McSame gaff: McSame thinks Spain in Latin America

ffwd to 3:00 in this youtube clip. McSame is being interviewed by a Miami radio station.

Time also reports here.

McSame apparently does not know
1 Spain is not in Latin America
2 Spain is a fellow NATO ally

McSame is a moron on foreign policy.


Investment Bank, RIP

good articles 1 2 on future of investment bank industry.

The industry's current revenue model is done. Good riddance on these Corporate Welfare Whores.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McSame flip flops on financial industry regulation

McSame/GILF PalInsane keep giving more evidence that they are morons, not intellectually curious, not detailed oriented, but very good manipulators of people & extremely power hungry.

Chaognosis tennis GOAT analysis: Ken Rosewall

Chaognosis is a blog on tennis history.

Chaognosis has an interesting article, proposing an alternate method of counting "grand slam equivalent tournaments", which I will make up a term here for discussion as GSE (no Fannie Mae ReThuglican Corporate Welfare C-E-Ho disasters just in case).

Chaognois' method takes the most important UK, France, & USA tournament for a given year, chosen by Chaognosis' subjective analysis. It ignores the Australian, which was not taken "seriously as a grand slam" until sometime in the 1980s (as recently as John McEnroe's prime, McEnroe & many other top players skipped going Down Under [||]). Read the article itself for more detail.

Bottom line, by Chaognosis' analysis, Ken Rosewall has 17 GSEs, compared to Pete Sampras' 12 (7 Wimbledons, 5 US Opens) & Roger Federer's 10 (5 W, 5 U).

Personally, I'm not buyin it, on the account that the depth of competitors of the tennis game has in general been increasing dramatically into the 90s (Sampras' decade) & even more into the 2000s (Fed's decade). IMHO if Federer ties Sampras' 14 GS by winning 1 more GS tourney, I would vote for Fed as the GOAT.

It should be noted that any such comparisons are "apples-to-oranges". There has been significant change that even make it hard to compare the 1990s/Sampras era to the 2000s/Fed era. The synthetic type of tennis strings Luxillon "Big Banger" [||] which allow more spin, & the slowing of the courts for example. Sampras was dominant as a serve & volleyer, whereas in the 2000s there have been very few serve & volleyers in the Top 100 such as Ivo Karlovic, & none off hand I can recall that have made the Top 10.

Bottom line, Fed is the Illest. Sampras himself has admitted it. Prolly ol man Rosewall itself would also agree.

McSame/GILF PalInsane Lies

CNN's exposes McSame/GILF PalInsane extreme lying.

ironic hypocrite douche: Lynn Forester de Rothschild

How does an ex Hillary Clinton voter woman with surname Rothschild that lives in London, call Obama an elitist? Dee dee dee!

A lot of these Hillary voters are fake Dems anyways.

What's next, is Sarah Palin gonna label a Physics Nobel Prize winner a dummy?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Termanology "Politics As Usual" album

I'm eager to listen to this upcoming Termanology album.

The 3 songs produced by DJ Premier all are excellent bangers, with Preemo's unique boom-bap with DJ scratched chorus steez, & each have a video on youtube:

How We Rock

So Amazing

Watch How It Go Down

fw - Corporate Welfare for ex Freddie Mac CEO

this is 1 of the most obscene Corporate Welfare story ever.

The incompetent loser unethical ex-CEOs of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae might get $8M+ severance packages. WTF?!

Since US Fed Gov is bailing these "GSE" entities out, these lames should get nathan.

Why is it that pensions go broke, an average worker is screwed, but these incompetent Corporate Welfare C-E-heez-Os get paid?

Man, Funk Dat (c) Sagat

Perot Charts

"now here's the deal see"

Ross Perot is "back up that ass with a resurrection" (c) Samir from Office Space.

Perot has a site with charts on the US Gov & economy.

Mark Cuban blog

entrepreneur Mark Cuban has an interesting blog.

Check his opinion on the stock market.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

GMan blog

My Mpls correspondent for the RNC debate, has created his own blog.

GMan is an expert on consumer IT, & also has an interesting opinion on many current events issues.

fw - advice on PC backups

Jamie Zawinski advice on PC backups.

Your hard disk will eventually fry, so a backup process is essential for pain minimization.