Saturday, January 12, 2008

Howard Zinn "A People's History of the USA"

The Howard Zinn US history book "A People's History of the USA" is online.

Get your read on.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bill Richardson, & steak vs sizzle

I have seen the MSM focus on H Clinton's talking point that she has more relevant work experience than Obama.

Meanwhile, Bill Richardson dropped out of the Presidential race today.

The fact is H Clinton & Obama’s experience is at a similar level, in terms of ACTUALLY HOLDING OFFICE OR BEING THE LEADER/CEO OF AN ORGANIZATION. H Clinton has great experience at campaigning, but I don’t value this in terms of ACTUALLY DOING THE PRESIDENT job. Exhibit #4080 Gee Dubbz Bush 43.

The fact is that Bill Richardson in relevant work experience PWNS H Clinton, Obama, & the whole field of either party:

1 Governor of NM

2 US House of Reps

3 Energy secretary under B Clinton. Energy is KINDA IMPORTANT giving possible global warming & peak oil crisis

4 foreign policy diplomat/negotiator with N Korea, Cuba, etc. A diplomat as President would be a great change from the bitchmade chickenhawk neo-clown war mongerers we have now with G Dubbz

5 Uniquely qualified to deal with US-MEX relations & illegal immigration, as Gov of border state, fluent in Spanish, & having grown up for some years in Mexico City.

Per Thom Hartmann (don’t sleep, dude is the truth), the FACT is 93% of Americans vote on “emotion”/”feeling about the candidate”. I guess I’m one of the few 7% that vote on policy & work experience. Richardson got shyted on as a non-charismatic fat guy.

SMH at 93% of my fellow Americans, who take the sizzle over the steak.

This is the same dynamic in quasi-gay rap fans who value “swagger” over lyricism/flow/voice, & take a mediocre media-hyped douche-bag like Lil Wang over true unique talented MCs like Phonte or Black Thought.

This is the same dynamic as the society that values sales & marketing “PowerPoint engineers” over REAL ENGINEERS & SCIENTISTS that through creations in information technology, energy technology, genomics/pharma, etc drive the majority of the productivity & innovation in our economy.

Wake up America, time to value the steak over the sizzle.

Fake Jimmy Carter ethers 08 Pres contenders

Fake Jimmy Carter ethers 08 Pres contenders. Damn son.

Jimmy Carter was 30 years ahead of his time. Maybe he should run again!

Open letter to Obama

Good opinion article on Obama.

Obama stans, pls reply in the comments if you wish.

I feel like voter apathy & the lamestream media (MSM) are combining to ensure that we will have a President that will be at least decent, yet prolly not excellent Presidents or brave at making extensive change: Obama, H Clinton, or McCain. These 3 choices are infinitely better than Dictators like Gee Dubbz or Giuliani, & for this I am somewhat hopeful about the future.

Lowered expectations!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CFR's Presidential candidates foreign policy comparison

CFR has a comparison of the foreign policies of the different Presidential candidates.

Great work CFR. Can someone do this for the domestic policies? TH/Anonomo, does that exist?

BTW, I heard Thom Hartmann state that 93% of Americans vote based their emotional feeling of the candidates.

So I guess I'm one of the 7% that actually care about the POLICIES! SMH at the US voter.

Scott Ritter opinion on Iraq occupation

Former US weapons inspector Scott Ritter has an in-depth opinion article on Iraq. Ritter's conclusion is that it's in the US national security interest to leave Iraq quickly.

IMHO the Iraq occupation is an example where some topics are complex, & not possible to describe via soundbite or talking point. The MSM should give a true expert like Ritter the chance to explain Iraq, instead of moron talking point fools. Such an approach might lead to saving some American lives & money.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Real Clear Politics

Real Clear Politics is a site that aggregates opinion articles & polls, about the 2008 Presidential race, as well as other politics topics.