Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bill Richardson, & steak vs sizzle

I have seen the MSM focus on H Clinton's talking point that she has more relevant work experience than Obama.

Meanwhile, Bill Richardson dropped out of the Presidential race today.

The fact is H Clinton & Obama’s experience is at a similar level, in terms of ACTUALLY HOLDING OFFICE OR BEING THE LEADER/CEO OF AN ORGANIZATION. H Clinton has great experience at campaigning, but I don’t value this in terms of ACTUALLY DOING THE PRESIDENT job. Exhibit #4080 Gee Dubbz Bush 43.

The fact is that Bill Richardson in relevant work experience PWNS H Clinton, Obama, & the whole field of either party:

1 Governor of NM

2 US House of Reps

3 Energy secretary under B Clinton. Energy is KINDA IMPORTANT giving possible global warming & peak oil crisis

4 foreign policy diplomat/negotiator with N Korea, Cuba, etc. A diplomat as President would be a great change from the bitchmade chickenhawk neo-clown war mongerers we have now with G Dubbz

5 Uniquely qualified to deal with US-MEX relations & illegal immigration, as Gov of border state, fluent in Spanish, & having grown up for some years in Mexico City.

Per Thom Hartmann (don’t sleep, dude is the truth), the FACT is 93% of Americans vote on “emotion”/”feeling about the candidate”. I guess I’m one of the few 7% that vote on policy & work experience. Richardson got shyted on as a non-charismatic fat guy.

SMH at 93% of my fellow Americans, who take the sizzle over the steak.

This is the same dynamic in quasi-gay rap fans who value “swagger” over lyricism/flow/voice, & take a mediocre media-hyped douche-bag like Lil Wang over true unique talented MCs like Phonte or Black Thought.

This is the same dynamic as the society that values sales & marketing “PowerPoint engineers” over REAL ENGINEERS & SCIENTISTS that through creations in information technology, energy technology, genomics/pharma, etc drive the majority of the productivity & innovation in our economy.

Wake up America, time to value the steak over the sizzle.


BELIZE said...

This is the same dynamic in quasi-gay rap fans who value “swagger” over lyricism/flow/voice, & take a mediocre media-hyped douche-bag like Lil Wang over true unique talented MCs like Black Thought.



dp said...

Belize comment = cash money (no Lil' Wang + Birdbrain)

dp said...

Bill Richardson never met aq steak he didn't like.

I didn't care for the wannabe prep school dean look. I especially didn't care for the fact that he was looking to sell his support to the highest bidder.

elgringocolombiano said...

IMHO Phonte is the best rapper of 2007. Lyrically dude is 1 of the GOATs, with the insight of Thom Hartmann & the comedy of Dave Chappelle. Plus dude made 2 dope albums in 2007. Just because yall stay in a Schiavo-like coma on Phonte, does not mean that I will.

On Richardson looks? IMHO commenting on a woman pol's looks is superficial in sexist, commenting on a dude pol's looks is flat-out ghey. Either way it's irrelevant to me.

I know it's unusual for an American, but I care about COMPETENCE & POLICIES. I know, most Americans will find this notion crazy.

DP said Richardson "was looking to sell his support to the highest bidder."
WTF is that nonsense? Perhaps you're describing H Clinton?
I never heard about this wrt Richardson. Provide some links from competent investigative journalists. "I don't belive you, you need more people"

amanda said...

does MSM have a different meaning than I thought it did?

See, in the context I know it, it means "Men who have Sex with Men" and is used a lot in talk about HIV and things of that nature.

elgringocolombiano said...



MSM = MainStream Media = LAMEstream media. Ex: NBC/CBS/ABC, CNN/Faux Noise, New York Times/Washington Post, etc