Friday, December 7, 2007


I stumbled upon this FreeTechBooks, which has legally free .pdf-style text books on computer science/engineering/math/etc.

Michael Weiner "Savage" = self-hating gay

Watch this clip, Cenk explains the hateful craziness of Michael Weiner "Savage".

Savage has a 1983 book, where the main "character" matches his real-life profile almost exactly. The character is "tormented" about "fantasies with men". Also, the character is "tormented with violent visions of stabbing people, including children".

This douche Weiner is prolly clinically insane. No surprise that he advocates crazy things like a genocide of 100 Million Muslims.

Do You Know Why Michael Savage is So Crazy? Find Out Why?

Cenk article on same topic.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Alicia Keys 2007 As I Am

Alicia Keys - As I Am

The onslaught of good Q4 music keeps coming! This is my top 2007 non-rap album so far. Those that would like this Ms. Keys album (my review here) include R&B fans of artists like Jill Scott, adult contemporary fans of artists like John Mayer, or fans of those that do both well like Nikka Costa.

Hell Razah 2007 Razah's Ladder

Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah - Razah's Ladder

The best Wu-Tang related artist for 2007 is a WC "affiliate" "weed carrier" cat Hell Razah most Wu-stans have never heard of, as they get their Stanley Kubrick on over the new Ghost or Wu albums.

Hell Razah dropped 2 dope albums this in 2007. Renaissance Child was nice, but this new album is better (my review here).

All Wu-stans should def. give this albums a listen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democratic Presidents better than Republicans

This article shows how the Democratic Presidents pwn the Republicans economically over the last several decades.