Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democratic Presidents better than Republicans

This article shows how the Democratic Presidents pwn the Republicans economically over the last several decades.


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elgringocolombiano said...

WTF? Ojala usted entiende espanol. No hablo portuges. Por favor, quitese de mandar mensajes spam a lo seccion de "comments" de mi "blog". Gracias.

Interesting that the 1st comments spam on my blog is not in english or spanish.

Another random example of crazy isht on the internetes!

Anónomo said...

Eu nao sei porque voce esta sorprendido en quanto o portugues, cara. Tudo Bom.

Check out how Lou Dobbs is one big douchebox contradiction - the "Worst Person in the World" on KO:

elgringocolombiano said...
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elgringocolombiano said...

^Lou Dobbs is 1 of the few real journalists in the MSM. 1 of the only media figures looking out for the average Joe (or Jose) Public average American citizen.

I watched the clip.

I'm surprised at Olbermann for using right wing-nut/mAnn Coulter-style ad-hominem attack tactics here.

I'm surprised at you Anonomo for supporting these attacks.

How can you blame Dobbs for something his ADULT DAUGHTERS do.

It's also a logical fallacy for blaming anyone invovled in an industry, as if each person had control of an industry.

Unless Dobbs' daughters hired illegal immigrants themselves, I can't blame them. Even so, Dobbs himself is not responsible.

Has Keith Olbermann or you Anonomo ever eaten a strawberry picked by an illegal immigrant?

Oh, you did? Hypocrites! I will do like Olbermann & pretend you run the industry, just because of your small participation as a customer.

Why don't Dobbs haters like Olbermann or Anonomo, instead of personal attacks, debate Dobbs on facts?

I hope this was a 1-time lapse of demagoguery from Olbermann. If he keeps this up, hopefully MSNBC will hire a pundit in India, who used to live in the USA, that will be 2X better than Olbermann at 1/10X the cost. Let's see who the "hypocrite" Olbermann is then!

elgringocolombiano said...

check this blog, commenter "Jenny" intellectually ethers Olbermann & defends Dobbs


I am a regular viewer of Olbermann's show, but was disappointed by his rant last evening against Dobbs. Frankly, I would prefer him to actually cover the poverty of American citizens that is pandemic in each of the 50 states that even he ignores. Dobbs doesn't own the stables his daughter's horse is housed in, and in all honesty, the father's of show jumpers aren't hanging around the stables.

I appreciate Dobb's reporting on the long term unemployment and underemployment problem faced by American citizens. Where I live (Michigan), 1,000 citizens lose their jobs per week, homelessness is a serious problem. Hunger and the health care crisis are serious, and food, medicines and other products manufactured in China and elsewhere that are contaminated and toxic are cause for serious concern. I know someone whose daughter was prescribed a commonly prescribed medication for a head cold that has been banned by the FDA, it turned a healthy 24 year old girl, into someone with a rapidly accelerated heart rate, and severe breathing problems that haven't gone away 4 months later.

We bleed jobs each month, and the unemployment problem is far higher than 4.7%, the media isn't covering that. Malnutrition, anemia because American citizens can not afford to feed their families are once again serious problems. Why does Keith assume that the same Bush administration that lied us into Iraq, would be truthful about the realities of our economy, and the true state of employment? Could it be that as this doesn't impact Keith, he's either ignorant or indifferent to it?

Instead of covering the wider realities, Olbermann restricts his coverage of the issues to a rare few.. how can he claim to care about the human rights of illegal aliens, when he is so willing to ignore the human and civil rights of poor American citizens? Is he that out of the loop that he isn't cognizant of a very important fact, that when he rationalizes the status quo of Mexico and other Latin American countries, he's helping the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable to impose that same status quo here. Not only is he insuring that things will never change in those countries, he's helping to change the situation here, by covering up for those exploiting illegal aliens and pitting them against poor American citizens, to reduce America and her people to third world status. For a man who likes to act as though he cares, he's showing himself to be as rabid and reactionanary as Bill O'Lielly.