Saturday, August 25, 2007

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin is a news commentator/pundit.

I recall back in high school occasionally watching his show on PBS (public TV). In political science class, the teacher Detviler had a weekly current events contest, where the winning 4-person team got extra credit points. My team had my homie Chad, who was the 17-yr old Michael Jordan/Roger Federer of news & current events. But I was the Scottie Pippen of the squad, & watching McLaughlin helped us team to put 1990s Chicago Bulls-style domination on the other teams. Needless to say, our whole squad got A+s in that class.

Out of the blue, I remembered McLaughlin, & wondered if he was still providing his weekly show. To my joy [||], not only is McLaughlin still leading his weekly show, he's been doing it since 1982! Even better, now you don't have to catch it on TV, you can legally & freely download the shows from his podcast archives, either a video of the show, or just mp3 audio.

I nominate McLaughlin to the hyper HOF. McLaughlin has a unique trademark steez of introducing an issue by yelling out "Issue Number X". If 1 of his 4 other commentators is making a point he disagrees with, he yells out "Wrong" & then makes his point. McLaughlin ends the show with a trademark spastic annoying "bye bye".

Along with Dick Vitale, McLaughlin is holding down the Spastic Senior Citizen Crew (SSCC) of the hyper HOF. One great admirable trait of the SSCC, is that even though they easily have enough money to comfortably retire, & statistically they might only have a few years left to live, they LOVE their job so much, they'd rather keep working. That passion for their work is so refreshing to see, since normally that type of passion is limited to naive young folks before their spirit gets beaten down by office politics & other workplace ills.

McLaughlin's show is innovative & unique, in that he has
1 diversity in his pundits' politics, from the left-wing Eleanor Clift to the right-wing paleoconservative Pat Buchanan.

2 similar to Faux Noise, the commentators are passionate, spastic, & sometimes yell over each other.

3 UNLIKE Faux Noise, the commentators actually have some logical or insightful comments.

4 UNLIKE Faux Noise, the commentators have a friendly working relationship, even if they may disagree on ideology & politics.

It's basically a spastic debating society, with Prof. McLaughlin steering the discussion ala Socrates.

I see from Wiki that McLaughlin has invited Maria Bartiromo as a guest panelist, so it seems that McLaughlin is not opposed to inviting 1960s-born or younger folks as panelists. I would love to see TYT's Cenk Uyger or Wes Clark Jr on the show, I think that would be both insightful & entertaining.

Anyways, give old man McLaughlin a chance & download a recent show. You'll probably learn something & will enjoy it [||].

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rush Limbaugh's racist statement on Darfur

There's a trend of douchebag right wingnut talking heads, not satisfied with being mere douchebags, & want to shred their humanity & lower themselves to the racist/demagogue level of mAnn Coulter & Michael Weiner "Savage".

O'Reilly has been getting into that level recently.

Now we see that drug addict Rush Limbaugh is going there also, with ranting that

"the only reason Democrats want to intervene in Darfur/Sudan, is to win black American votes in the next election"

Oh, it has nothing to do with genocide?

The Young Turks surgically intellectually ether's Limbaugh's flimsy racist argument on many levels. The best comes from TYT's black director, Jayar Jackson who notes

"black Americans couldn't get the US Fed Gov to enter New Orleans, how are they gonna get them to enter Darfur".

Thursday, August 23, 2007

D'Angelo 1995 Brown Sugar = the neo-soul Illmatic

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

I randomly got out my D'Angelo album 1995 Brown Sugar tonight.

Geez, I had forgotten how classic this album is. I'm not an neo-soul stan/guru by any means, but this album can't be denied. I'm throwing out my inferior John Legend album after re-listening to this D'Angelo masterpiece.

Is Brown Sugar the Illmatic of neo-soul? Discuss! My evidence:
1 both have 10 songs, with no filler, all good joints

2 both have timeless qualities. In 2007, they're both as good as they were back in 1995

3 both are arguably the GOAD (greatest of the 1990s decade) albums of their genres

4 both match great music/beats with great vocals

Check out track #5 Shit Damn MF. It's unique in that D'Angelo is so calm, smooth [||], & soulful despite being in livid-type enraging situation. "MF, woooo-hoooo".

It's a shame D'Angelo has had personal problems, including substance abuse. Hopefully D'Angelo will return to making albums. D'Angelo epically sons these current R&B dudes, including John Legend & the pedophile R Kelly.

Shout out to Fux, who originated the neo-soul stannery post genre, with his admiration [||] of Bilal.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Property Room

FYI on this site Property Room, which is an eBay-like site where the police sell off the stuff they seized.

My friend told me that his friend that sells PCs, was buying laptops for $110 that under 2 years old & "worth" at least $250.